Beemie...a childhood nickname

Beemie…a childhood nickname

 A Milkman’s Daughter

I am the milkman’s daughter and there is no shame as my mother was married to the milkman.  While my days as daughter are long gone  I (the baby of the family) and my siblings are still here. Like the milkman who drove down many a lane in his day the roads have led me here; to my Maryland home where I go dipping my toe into the proverbial water of the blog pond.  If you are a visual reader then please imagine that this toe has had a recent pedicure for I assure you as I write this the real toes have not.

As a young student I was definitely not the reader I am today. I did read, especially since  the nuns in school assigned book reports quite frequently and I read just enough of beginning, middle and end to write a knowledgeable report that earned me  A’s ,B’s or the occasional C, just to show them I was human. So it seems funny that here I sit, type and assume that someone might care enough to read or even follow what I have written.

Mad texting skills...I know photo not flattering.

Mad texting skills…I know photo not flattering.

I have a youthful state of mind and spirit, but according to the calendar I am in my very early 50’s, which if I remember correctly at 30 the aforementioned age seemed well, old.  In 2009, I earned my Master of Arts in Teaching.  I was officially the oldest student in the program as the one person older than me dropped out a few months before graduation. It was challenging learning with twenty-something’s who were quite tech savvy while I was tech-shabby, but I persevered and the twenty something’s taught me a thing or two, like how to create a Power Point presentation and I am most grateful for they taught me how to text.

It is my intention to blog as an outlet away from teaching. If you happen to be an Officer of the Law of Grammar, leave your badge and drop your citation book at the door. Rules may be broken with a dangling participle or (sorry Sister Mary Martin, as you roll over in your grave) ending a sentence with a preposition. I believe I just heard a gasp across the World Wide Web (okay maybe just the two people who read this) at the thought of prepositions ending a sentence. I am a card carrying member of the Creative Non-Fiction Writing Force…otherwise known as a blogger/storyteller and grammar rules will be bent and broken.

Here is the goal; I have a full-time job for 190 days of the year. This career consumes a good deal of my time when school is in session, but I would like to post at least two-three times per week. I have a wonderful husband (Hubster) who has supported all of my endeavors throughout our 29 years of marriage and quite franklyIMG_0009 he has heard all of my stories, twice.  My two sons (Son-sters #1 & #2) are grown, flown and thankfully gainfully employed. I have a variety of interests including family, cooking/baking (although the Hubster does a better job), crafts, sewing, gardening (flowers and veggies), the beach, singing, reading and writing. I love numbers and puzzles, the combination of these two interests would explain the low balances of our bank accounts or more than likely it is due to college debt, my own and our kids as well as life in general. Home decor is also an interest, but with the current state of our personal economy there will likely be no posts in the near future about house updates, unless you count scrubbing the laundry tub.



IMG_0024[1]The name of my blog is a tribute to both of my parents as they were an excellent example of love of family, faith and financial wizardry when it came to stretching the milk money.

Join me now and then and please feel free to comment. Laughing is my favorite past time and crying (over many a cup of spilled milk, which I have been known to do) only leaves me wet so let’s hope for more laughter than tears.DSCN1346[1]


  1. Ellen Heinbockel says:

    I enjoyed reading about you. As a survivor of 16, yes you read that right years of Catholic education I love your reflections. Having read a bit of your blog I know why you are good friends with Katie a Clooney. You both share a great sense of humor and outlook on life. Write on, grammar be dammed

    • Beemie says:

      Ha ha…luckily Sister Mary Martin is not around to read that last part, but I say the same thing as I am also a 16 year Catholic school veteran. Thanks for taking the time to read and leaving a nice comment.

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