A Few of the Leaves are Brown…

And the skies were somewhat grey on Saturday….

Not to quote the Mamas and the Papas…which clearly I did not, but this weekend finally felt like fall here in the mid-Atlantic, which is what I call my part of the USA here in Maryland.  As a child  growing up in Boston there was no room in the budget for California Dreamin’, all the leaves were brown and down by mid-October as fall was declared the day after Labor Day. This was not due to a glitch in the calendar or a state proclamation, but because as soon as Labor Day passed the temperatures dipped to the freeze point. Cooler weather gear came out of the closets and attics. I had a hip crochet poncho that kept me warm through mid-October when the winter coats began to make an appearance on a more regular basis.

Trust me, I looked much “cooler” than this 70’s gal especially when paired with my plaid uniform jumper…although she wins in the hat department.



Anyway, back to present day and the fact that the Hubster elected to turn on the heat…(insert gasp across the world wide web) because those who know me know that I am usually the first to cry “uncle” when it comes to room temperature comfort. Of course this drastic temperature drop had me thinking about what I would be wearing to school this week…(no uniform).

I love turtleneck weather and maybe it is because I own a lot of turtlenecks. Turtlenecks are classic and so forgiving. Please think Diane Keaton in Something’s Gotta Give….(or Diane Keaton almost any other time of year that she gets away with a turtleneck).

See what I mean…turtleneck looks great, I think I would look fabulous in this kitchen and I am younger (sorry Diane).



The only thing about real fall weather here is that fall temperatures cannot always be guaranteed so while the morning may fool a person into a turtleneck, by the afternoon you are ready to apply the sunscreen and strip down to a camisole (this would not be appropriate for school). The stripping is also problematic due to what I like to call the start of “winter rules”. What this means is that there is the potential that my body may be a bit hairy. You see, if I know I am wearing pants and sleeves then I may just give the razor a respite in the shower. Don’t get me wrong this is not a situation where braids are involved; more so I employ this in order to be lazy save time and hot water. After all, if the Hubster is going to turn on the heat without giving a care toward an energy-efficient home someone has to pull up the slack for the budget.

I went into the closet to see if there were a few things that I could put together for the week as I am not ready to pull out the quasi-winter clothes because I know from 33 years of living in this state that Mother Nature likes to fool those of us who prepare to soon and refuse to shave less during cooler months.

Even the Dowager Crawley recognizes the need for sunscreen in all types of weather and if I had to guess I would say her legs are potentially hairy.

maggie smith


Several items in my closet will work for this week and since the Hubster refuses hire a lady’s maid; I had to do the hard work myself.  I must say I am a bit bored with the same clothing pieces, but I will make do until I officially declare a change of season and the clothes come out of storage. In the meantime, my experience with fashion plates has kept me busy…

 My niece/namesake had this toy as a child. I am a mere seven years older than her so when I was the babysitter I put together quite a few iconic outfits.



Thankfully, modern technology pointed me in the direction of Polyvore.  The fashion plates do not limit your creativity, no color pencils to break  and  money is no object. I still tend toward a more classic style and I actually own a few of the pieces I put together.

Look out Vogue…okay, maybe not Vogue, but at least not a Glamour don’t.

fall outfit

All I need is the real Michael Kors bag and leopard print flat. My MK was purchased by a friend on “Coco” Canal Street in NYC and I haven’t found a flat like this pair that doesn’t the squeeze the bunions in my working class feet.

 Maryland Dreamin’…Polyvore Style!


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