Friday Confession #12

In case you haven’t recognized it yet, I am a story-teller. That doesn’t mean that I tell false tales, but my stories have details….in fact sometimes so many details that I lose my train of thought for the purpose of the story because I was so busy finding the most sensational adjective or adverb to enhance the particulars of an event. I know I am not alone in this mental deficiency, but at times it is quite annoying.

Speaking of trains…(I think a train was mentioned.)

My childhood home was approximately 20 yards from the Orange Line in the Jamaica Plain section of Boston. During the hours of 5:30 am to 7:00 pm the elevated train cars passed by our house about every 7-9 minutes. During other hours, it was less frequent about every 25 minutes to 35 minutes ending at about midnight and starting again at about 4:45 am; a lullaby in the wee morning wake up hours.


This was not my stop, but this is how I went into downtown, traveled to high school, and went to the beach for the day.

This earth thundering roar forced our entire family to adjust our conversations by pausing or raising our voices to peak performance at the exact moment the clamor of metal rail meeting screeching wheel drowned out all other sounds. We also learned to quickly increase the volume on the TV or let the party on the other end of the phone know we would not be able to hear them.  I do believe this experience actually trained my brain to stop and then reconnect to where I left off. It’s a shame that now as an older a more seasoned individual, it seems I have lost track in the “where I left off” department or noting the exact direction the story was headed.

At times a story map is needed…


The T map, Boston, MA.                                         This still looks much the same as way back when…

I think the problem lies in having too much information processing in my head. Between worrying about things I can’t control, remembering to pay the bills, WORKING, thinking about snacks, do I need make a pit stop to buy wine, and other major life functions, like the fall TV schedule; it is no wonder that when the train leaves the station I need to be certain all the parts of speech make it safely into the car.

train of thought

Have a wonderful Friday!


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