Wednesday Commercial Break

As a child when a commercial would occur during the middle of my favorite television program it indicated a few things could possibly occur in my life, I could:

  • quickly use the restroom.

If our one bathroom with claw foot tub had been this nice I may have skipped TV altogether.


  • attempt to get a snack from the fortress that was my childhood kitchen.

Truth be told there was no moat, but my mother was much like this Mother Goose…there would be no eating between meals.


Perhaps I need to re-institute the no eating between meals rule for myself…it did keep me thin.

  • Simply distract myself with some other venture like playing with the dog, doing a gymnastics routine across the living room floor Olga Korbut style, or  playing a little ditty on the piano that sat right next to the TV ( I had only memorized two Christmas songs and one short Beethoven tune…so the repertoire was not varied, but who didn’t love O’ Little Town of Bethlehem in July).

If you can believe I had no formal training, yet this is how I imagined I looked when trying one on these moves.


Anyway missing a commercial back then was not a big deal as I didn’t need to shave my legs, bring home the bacon or sip on Harvey’s Bristol Cream…Today, I still do not enjoy commercials, but occasionally you hear about one that everyone is talking about so you don’t want to be left out.

Here is one such commercial and thanks to a little creative editing from Ellen this commercial went from strange to funny. By the way, apparently I am about 5 days behind the times with this, but I go to work to bring home the health benefits so it takes me a bit longer then the rest of trending and hip America.

Feel free to cart-wheel while watching.


Happy Wednesday!



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