I suppose I have long been a crafty person. In childhood if I didn’t have something I tried to make it. While the thing I was trying to make definitely didn’t look as store-bought as I wished, it served the intended purpose. It is no wonder the first badge I earned as a Girl Scout was the Dabbler badge for I dabbled in many things.

The original Girl Scout Dabbler badge.



Even as an adult I have been a crafty person who dabbles in perhaps too many crafty areas. My yard sale over the summer helped to relieve me of much of my dabbling past.

During the summer of 2013 I started painting crab shells…yes, kind of goofy, but it was fun and true to my Maryland home. I painted several that were given as gifts and I even sold a few on Etsy, but as a school teacher there is not a lot of time for dabbling during the school year. I thought it would be a good idea to paint our house on a shell and give one to each of the Son-sters to hang on their Christmas trees as they no longer live at home.

This will never be mistaken for a Thomas Kinkade.


Both Son-sters claimed to like it.

Painted as a gift for friends….Handy and Mandy’s house…


Not long after this was painted they replaced their bay window: apparently my artistic impression scared them to upgrade. They are excellent DIY-ers.

I also painted a little row house in Baltimore city for a young couple. (No photo) She loved it and contacted me this past summer to paint one for a friend who recently moved from Maryland and bought a house in Texas . I thought I would have been able to complete this before school started, but the house had not settled so the gift giver didn’t want to go ahead until the house settled. Naturally, the house settled the week I went back to school.

Painting went on the back burner, as does much of the rest of my life. I feel fortunate that I am still able to write at least three times per week. Although I don’t feel as if my cutting sarcasm, dry wit, or just downright lively personality is displayed as much as I would like it to come shining through in my written word. So far no one has complained.

Anyway, the painting is quite time-consuming, especially when you consider it needs to be done in miniature. On Saturday I finally started the process of painting the house on crab.

Here is the house in real life….

House of Crab


Here is the house on crab…


The dabbling was definitely a mental health break from the school work.

Hi-ho, Hi ho… its back to school I go…thank goodness I don’t depend on this …I would be a starving artist with no health benefits.



  1. Denise says:

    WOW! Beemie you really are talented! No sarcasm intended! For the life of me I can’t comprehend how painting in miniature could possibly be relaxing, but to each her own. Meanwhile, might I commission a picture of my home?

    • Beemie says:

      Yes, painting in miniature is a challenge…I enjoy it when I don’t have a million other things I should be doing…like cleaning, working, cooking. As much as I’d prefer to paint or any other craft right now… I have my hands full…I have painted another crafty crab that I’ll share in a few months.

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