Friday Confession #10

As evidenced by my recent doctor’s appointment this past week it seems, I do still love to eat. Now, I was thrilled that the scale somehow managed to read three pounds lighter…it could be because my doctor recently moved to a new location and his suite of offices is on the second floor rather than the ground level…I am pretty sure that altitude causes a person to shed a few pounds. If my doctor would consider moving six flights higher I could be back to the same weight I was at 40 years old! The endless hours of walking on the treadmill could be put toward more industrious behaviors like TV watching, reading a book of my choice and socializing with others.

You may have noticed that I did not include cooking in my list of industrious behaviors. I cannot deny the fact that for as much as I complain about the amount of work I put toward a school day I am grateful the Hubster does most (if not all) of the cooking during the school year. This was Thursday night dinner…


Sauteed Maryland soft crabs, pasta with lobster sauce

So here is my Friday confession….I do not believe I was placed on this planet to cook (really…I think I was supposed to be a socialite or live at Downton Abbey)…as long as I keep bringing home the health benefits I will be extremely pleased if he fries, flambés, sautes, steams, deveins, sauces and whatever other cooking verbs I have blacked out forgotten so that I can avoid…..

female cook

I am feeling no guilt. Happy Friday!

Happy Birthday to the Kitchen King…my favorite brother-in-law (don’t worry I am not offending other brother-in-laws…he is the only son-in-law besides the Hubster who survived my side of the family)…he has been in my family since I was six years old. He is also a fabulous cook and so much more. Seems my sister, the Family Matriarch, and I know how to pick ’em.

Kitchen king

My 5Oth ….with the Kitchen King….yes, I am wearing a crown. Hopefully he has a crown to wear today, after all he is a King.


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