Friday Confession # 9

A Patriot

Yesterday, marked the 13th anniversary of a tragic day in our country’s history. We are still living the after-effects and many of our citizens are still risking their lives to defend and protect our freedom.

If you are a regular reader then you know I grew up in a city that played a central role in American History. Don’t worry, this is not a history lesson.

I took for granted my surroundings even though I visited all local historical landmarks at least once, if not two or three times in my formative years. There was , The USS Constitution  “Old Ironsides”, the replica of the Boston Tea party Ship, the Bunker Hill Monument, Paul Revere’s House, the Old North Church, and the Old State House only feet away from the site of the Boston Massacre.

The photo below is not the glamorous view of Boston from the Charles River, which is lovely and enjoyed by many a “Hah-vuhd” or  MIT student, but rather a view that could have been out my attic window even though my house was probably a bit further away from downtown.


skylineston bo


History was not my forte as a student (sorry, Sister Anne Bernadine*) and I only came to enjoy it long after graduating from college.

While dating, the Hubster would often take me to locales here in Baltimore that had similar significance in American History and of course, since then I have learned so much more. I feel fortunate that my Son-sters had the best of both cities growing up and I am proud to call myself a Patriot.

Fort McHenry, Baltimore


This week, Baltimore is hosting a celebration for the 200th anniversary of the writing of the Star-Spangled Banner penned by Francis Scott Key aboard a vessel in Baltimore’s harbor during a bombardment in 1814. I probably won’t attend, although Hubster says we might try to spy the Tall Ships early Sunday morning.

There is one thing I know for certain, every time I hear our country’s anthem I stand, and sing it at the top of my lungs and, “O” say can you hear…. I don’t care who is listening.

Happy Friday!


* name changed, somewhat innocent



  1. Katie Clooney says:

    GREAT pics!!! The Mister would have been in his glory. I am so happy that you didn’t bother sonster on Sun morning, I’m sure it was his Sunday to be a greeter at Mass! Have a great week, Beemie and thanks for the chuckles. Gorgeous area, by the way.

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