3 Day Weekend

Last week I was so looking forward to the holiday weekend. I imagined spending time relaxing, eating, reading, writing and hanging out with the Hubster on the back deck listening to the concerts from the State Fair one mile away.

Instead it looked a little more like…


This bag could be mine…Curriculum Binders…re-inventing the wheel of math and science.

This blog is supposed to be an outlet from teaching, but it carried over into my holiday weekend. I won’t dwell, but I am hopeful this won’t happen every weekend.

Peggy Anne (our third wheel) popped down for a visit from Delaware in order to return some beach chairs and a brief visit before spending time with her mother, Dotty, for her 84th  birthday. Her parents live only a few miles from us. We determined that our current age was the age her mother was when we moved in as college roommates 33 years ago.

Anyway…I recognize there are no bells and whistles to this post. I have started two others for this week, but my brain is still in Space….literally teaching a science unit … I need to reacquaint myself with stars, sun, planets, universe and so on.



Have a a terrific Tuesday!



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  1. Katie Clooney says:

    Hello Beemie… missed a couple of posts of yours. I have a tendency to let the F word go flying when I am home alone. Nothing feels better that yelling it with all my might. Housework brings out the worst in me.

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