Decisions, Decisions…

The first day of school outfit used to be so easy way back in late 1970 something. I would wake up and know exactly what I was going to wear… every… single… day. Everything was crisp (thanks to sewn in pleats on the skirt) and ready to go each day. On more than one occasion (every day) I had to iron a blouse in the early morning. This resulted in a blown fuse. My mother would scream, “Are you ironing? You know you can’t iron when we are making toast. ”  The joys of an old Victorian home. The Milkman, my father, tried to warn us of the limits of electric circuitry in our house…to no avail: someone always attempted to dry hair while a fan was blowing stifling air or plug in hot rollers while boldly turning on the TV.

Check out my OLOPH outfit,  …. I can’t believe this skirt is still a uniform choice. I created this fashion plate thanks to Polyvore.  As much as you are thinking you would like me to be your personal shopper…I have no time for that right now.

days gone by

I still have those gold ball earrings and; humble brag… I know I mentioned this in a previous post, but the earrings still fit.

So here I am in the early morning of my 44th  first day of school (my own, my kids and my teaching career). I have no idea what I will be wearing, but it certainly won’t be the Emperor’s New Clothes; I plan on keeping my job.

Also this is not at all feminine, classy or preppy.



In the interest of narrowing my choices to something more manageable…I will show you what I definitely will not be wearing today.

A tiara: I feel I should only wear a tiara to school on my birthday.



 Never wear spurs: While some may view the teacher to be sheriff of the class, this is not safe. Safety always come first.


I used to have  a Dorothy Hamill haircut back in high school, this outfit is tempting, but I will definitely control the impulse.



Wow, look at the time…I need to get going…I may need to iron a blouse…don’t worry I am not having toast.


Son-sters head back to school circa 1999.


Have a happy day….let the learning begin.




  1. Katie Clooney says:

    Beemie… When I went to visit my future in-laws the first time I took a shower and the fire alarm went off. They then filled me in that any showers over 3 minutes cause the alarm to go off. Let’s just say I brought extra deodorant and dry shampoo when I visited them after that! Enjoy the rest of the week.

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