Summer days driftin’ away…

Here I sit in my sunroom on the final weekend before I go back to school. I have loved the summer my entire life…I can still hear the sounds of summer coming through the open windows of my childhood home in Boston. The traffic, the elevated Orange Line, and the birds pigeons cooing on the eaves of our home. Summer was and still is freedom, longer days and life in bloom.

Summers of Childhood

City Hall Plaza, Boston…Summer hula-hoop contest circa 1970 something


I loved those shorts…the color was bright purple and the fabric 70’s polyester.

One of our famous Canadian vacation photos.


We stayed in an actual hotel with a view of Percé Rock on the Gaspé Peninsula, Quebec …only problem head of beds were lower in height than foot of beds…we had to sleep with our heads at the foot…the Milkman (dad) and I modeled the positions…luckily no long-term health issues…you know “foot in mouth”. My mother laughing in the background…dressed and ready for a day of  forced family fun and touring another Catholic church.

The summer after my freshman year of high school I was changing schools, a much-needed move. The movie Grease was blowing up the box office although I had yet to see it; the music was playing on all the stations. I knew all the words to the most popular songs and sang them at the top of my lungs just like Olivia Newton John, so here I am again singing about summer days driftin’ away and looking back at some of the good times of this summer. (Technically the last full day of summer this year is September 21, but for a teacher, it is the last day before he/she goes back to school.)

Monday means back to reality and of course, the reason I receive a twice monthly pay check for ten months of the year (a minor, yet important detail…the health insurance is pretty good as well). Since I have stated that my intention with blogging is an outlet from teaching I will try not to dwell on what is ahead…which admittedly is even with some excitement, but don’t tell too many people I have a reputation to consider.

So here are some of the sights of summer that never made it on the famed blog:

A Milkman’s Daughter

(I think I have 12 followers…a whole dozen)

To celebrate our 28th anniversary in June we held a yard sale to get rid of  28 years of our stuff, the Son-sters cast-offs and so on.


The little desk and chair on the right in the grass belonged to me…it came straight from my 1st grade classroom… I played school with my friends with that desk…for the last 40 years it sat in my parents cellar, then my in-laws basement…time to go.

 We traveled to the Family Matriarch’s beachfront home on the south shore in Massachusetts for the 4th of July holiday. My brother-in-law, the Kitchen King put us to work on lobster patrol. We ate like royalty for 5 days.

L-R: Kitchen King, Hubster, Beemie, Family Matriarch and Tail Man (the lobster tails were this in-law's specialty)

L-R: Kitchen King, Hubster, Beemie, Family Matriarch and Tail Man (the lobster tails were this in-law’s specialty)

Back in Maryland the Hubster and I enjoyed some local bay beauties.


Just before going into steamer…Hubster took this photo.

After steaming...ready to eat...

After steaming…ready to eat…










Hubster was holding out with sandcastle photos from the beach…he just sent this to me on my phone.


Please divert your view to the sandcastles and not the women sitting in the back…women in photo may appear larger than actual size….for some reason this rule only applies to women, the 17-year-old sitting with us looks true to his actual size.

We watched this tall ship come over the horizon and make it ways to the inlet. It eventually docked between 3rd and 4th street on the bay side.


El Galeon Andalucia sails toward Ocean City, Maryland inlet.


First night on the docks.

When I returned home this is what I found:

The entire bounty of tomatoes for this summer.


These three were delicious …the basil is doing quite nicely …thanks for asking.

The vegetable garden takes ….the walk of shame. 

Mostly weeds...the black netting usually surrounds the garden to keep the deer from feasting...Hubster came a bit to close with the lawn ripped netting from all four poles...he tried to cover just the sad :(

Mostly weeds…the black netting usually surrounds the garden to keep the deer from feasting…Hubster came a bit too close with the lawn mower…it ripped netting from all four poles…he tried to cover just the plants…so sad 🙁

As you can tell the Hubster and I lead a life with the movers and shakers…the photo biography of  summer proves it. The only thing missing was some extended time with the Son-sters. Since  I don’t want them to  forget their wildly popular parents here are a few photos from summer days long driftin’ away:

Hard to believe we they were that young.


Shells on my necklace were collected by the Son-sters.

We taught them everything they needed to know about sandcastle building…a life skill for certain.


Note the detail in the crab…a castle only a mother could love. Hubster relaxing in the background under the orange umbrella.

Our kayaks sat idle this summer….hello Son-ters are you out there?


Pemigewasset River, NH…first born Son-ster flipped kayak…I screamed while taking photo…his father and brother seem unfazed…circa 2000.


Well looking back I can see no one will be shedding tears for us…I have a few more novels to finish reading, a potential weekend trip to the beach and perhaps a farmer’s market visit.  I am writing this on Saturday by the time you read it I will be in school. Hopefully you will hear from me again.



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