How does your garden grow?

Funny you ask…I am kind of big deal in my own back and front yard, especially in spring and summer.  Truth be told, when we bought our present home in 1999 I inherited the majority of the hosta that graces our leafy yard. It comes back year after year without much ado from me. I can however take full credit for the geraniums, lobelia, alyssum, Vinca vines, ferns, tomatoes and lettuce which act as fixings for the deer when the hosta becomes a bit bland for salad bar tastes.  While meeting the dietary needs of the local wildlife can thought of as admirable I am not seeking a Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom Food Service Award.

So, I am certain the anticipation of the garden reveal has you at the edge of your seat and please remember my tongue was firmly in my left cheek (the cheek inside my mouth, not the other one…I am flexible, but not that flexible) when I stated I was a big deal. Ladies and gentleman (probably just the Hubster), keep your jealousy in check.


The Gardens, a Few Pots and Hanging Baskets too!


Mondays through Saturdays, in spring, summer, and fall I know the postal carrier thinks he/she is the luckiest person alive. mailbox

Oh my, I’d better have a talk with my yard girl me…I see a few weeds she missed.

close mailbox

Lovely hosta…the naked eye cannot detect the recent application of Liquid Fence (not paid to state name, it’s a wildlife repellent) on the foliage, but the naked nose can definitely sense the aroma.


Lost cause, the deer discovered this cozy nook and had a lovely sunrise breakfast; apparently this particular hosta and the one just below have a four star Zagat rating. Humph…more weeds. You can’t seem to get good help these days.

breakfast for deer


shed hosta

Living up to the title….a few pots and hanging baskets too!

flower pot

I dig back to my roots with the next one….a Boston fern….always Boston Strong.


The birds and I have had an ongoing battle with who exactly owns this hanging basket with coconut lining. I think I am starting to win.

hanging basket

So where you ask is the pies de resistance …the vegetable garden.


Here is where the facts become a little shady and the tears begin to flow; at present there are three tomato plants that have seen better days, 4 heads of lettuce and one bean plant growing in the ten by ten plot I call the “money maker”. I may have to change that name this year as some kind of evil borer bug ate the other 11 bean plants, the squash that I tried to plant twice this year shriveled up and died, and unbeknownst to me, the Hubster, in his quest to have a quiet afternoon of fishing decided to turn over the soil to borrow a few of the juicy night crawlers not realizing I had already planted the peas.


About ten days after the “fishing incident” I mentioned that the peas I planted had not seemed to sprout. He responded that perhaps I needed to give it more time. When I told him the date I had planted the peas, there was a pregnant pause…and not the kind that leads to any offspring, especially peas. He came clean.

This is where a photo of actual night crawlers was intended to be positioned, but since the Hubster confessed all evidence has been deleted.  I am Catholic and we invented the confessional, forgiveness, maybe …not ready to forget.


“Sow” it seems there will be fewer vegetables to enjoy this year. And my heart has been too broken to photograph the actual garden in its current state of “mismatch garden patch”. Even the deer and rabbits seem disgusted; I hope it doesn’t ruin my reputation. Just to prove that I once had the ability to grow a bountiful vegetable garden…a photo taken last year after a successful harvest intended to “one up” my brother-in-law. Enjoy and try not to get too hungry.harvest







  1. katie clooney says:

    Hellooooo Beemie! LOVE your blog. Your style of writing makes me smile when I read it. Your flowers are gorgeous! Mine have been looking a little sad lately so I am glad it is raining today. Keep writing – you are so much fun to read!!

  2. Denise says:

    Just found you via Preppy Empty Nester takes Boston. Love your upbeat style! Look forward to more humor from you.

    • Beemie says:

      Thanks for visiting…love the Preppy Empty Nester…she was the straw that broke this camel’s back. I had been thinking about starting a blog for some time and a post she wrote back in June finally convinced me it was time.

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