Who’s up for a Gag?

It has been two years since we have been true empty nesters. When the Son-sters come to visit it is no longer for a long summer stint, Christmas break between semesters or spring break.  After two years of  leaving for work in the morning with an empty kitchen sink and returning later in the day to find the sink still empty (and food in the refrigerator) we have come to the realization that we are not, in fact, dreaming. Stains on the furniture in the family room from mishap beverage and food spills are set in permanence and reminders of sundaes on Sunday night, milkshake Monday, Taco Bell* Tuesday, waffles Wednesday, thirsty Thursday, Frosted Flakes Friday and salsa Saturday. The Son-sters in their defense ( I am their mother) were not slobs, but they were little boys; even when they thought they were all grown up college men.

Neither sink is our sink, but empty nonetheless ….we no longer pinch our arms (I bruised easily, so I pinched the Hubster’s arm) when we return home to this view.

farm sink

This sink is pinned on my Kitchen after College Bills board.

other sink

Pinned on the same board…can’t decide.












Our family room furniture has seen better days…when I purchased our current furniture back in 1998 with its denim fabric I remember thinking that I purchased very heavy-duty, almost indestructible, stain resistant stuff…two growing boys and their friends proved that theory wrong. The structure of the furniture is still in good condition so I am toying with the idea of  making slip covers as purchasing new is not in the budget at present.

Crate and Barrel does it better, but I may be able to come pretty close.

denim sofa

We would go dark again…Hubster had an unfortunate red wine spill…looked more like a slaughterhouse from The Jungle by Upton Sinclair.


Right now the Hubster and I have been enjoying most of our leisure time in the sunroom…thank you Mother Nature for providing us with perfect weather, but I know the indoor season is looming. Last winter, we moved a small TV into our living room where we are able to use the fireplace and nicer furnishings.  It was very comfortable, cozy and romantic (sorry Son-sters, your father still thinks I am a hot babe.)

Sorry no photo of fire or romance…this is a PG blog.



Yesterday, I saw a commercial for a national furniture chain. I have never purchased furniture from this store, but I must say I laughed at this ad because I felt that if the Hubster and I were to buy something new for the family room this is more than likely what would happen to us.

My first attempt at inserting a video so let’s hope for tech savvy and not tech shabby…enjoy!

New Furniture Experience

 Popping into to my classroom today…let the FUN begin. Sorry, no sarcasm font in WordPress.


 *This is what happens when boys learn to drive. Young men pool $7.86 together, which is burning a hole in their pockets,  a 1995 Isuzu Rodeo holds 5 of them and cross-country practice is over…someone says, “Hey, let’s go to your house you live the closest.” Hot sauce and mystery meat leaves a trail.

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  1. Katie Clooney says:

    Love this. I just finished some stuff that’s gonna leave a stain this am. Chowdah had diarhea (sp) in the den. Not only does it look awful – it smells disgusting. Just another day in paradise.

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