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Last week I mentioned that company was coming…well she came…between the amount of snacks she brought with her and what I had, we could have fed my entire court of neighbors. Not to worry, we I put a serious dent in the finger foods (all fingers intact) and when the Hubster returned home from work with no dinner to be served and us talking non-stop he was able to nosh and enjoy the munchies without disturbing us.

Not the actual food, once again we eat much too fast to for still shots.


choc. cake











She is a loyal reader of my blog (at least that is what I believe) so I did not have to make a Power Point presentation in order for us to catch up, but we found many other topics of conversation. Fortunately, I only bantered off topic once and forgot the point of the conversation…we did manage to backtrack to determine there was an actual point so I felt much better about my memory function.

On our deck, outside of the sunroom…note the blue tarp over the shed….

L-R: Me & JM

L-R: Me & JM

JM had never been to my house before so naturally I set the expectations low and therefore she was not disappointed when she passed through the front door into the foyer, glanced left to the living room and entered the kitchen which still has that 1960’s flare to it.

We are quite retro…translation: low bank account balances.

After sitting, chatting and enjoying a chilled beverage in my sunroom. She mentioned how lovely it was sitting in this room and if she were me she would do nothing, but sit in this room all the time. Well needless to say; she will be invited back, but I digress.

A view from the yard…the sunroom


Striping on umbrella courtesy of nature…

I do love my sunroom. It came with the house. It was built by a national company that retro-fits this type of room onto porch pads and decks that already exists on homes. In order to enter this room, you must pass through a door that was once the back door of the house and step down one step into the space. While not the ideal entrance, it really is a dream sitting, living and dining area in the spring, summer and early fall. Our back yard is secluded with a large grassy area, a wooded area leading down to a stream and hedgerows on either side planted by original owners of the neighboring homes. Other than the now decrepit shed that was destroyed in a derecho (real word…huge wind event that brought down trees onto one of our sheds) and my very sad 2014 vegetable garden; our back yard is serene.

One week prior to this event we had seven trees cut down…see some of the stacked logs to left of shed…we paid big bucks for dead wood…had we waited a week it could have been done for free…trust me we paid for more dead wood by having it removed.


If you read my post Taming of the saw my husband’s sister’s car under a tree…he has two more siblings…suggestion: hide your cars and sheds during a storm.


Besides the beach, my sunroom is my happy place. I am writing this post in my sunroom. We eat, read, watch TV, visit, chat and generally enjoy life in the sunroom. On the last day of school in June, I came home and fell asleep upright in my chair in the sunroom, twice.

While I do love my backyard oasis, there are times I wish my sunroom could transport me to other places rather than just in my own thoughts. Since the sunroom’s structure is primarily aluminum I have pondered humorously that if we put it on wheels we could use it as an RV. I say this because many RV’s are used for the same purposes as we use our sunroom; living, eating, sleeping, etc. Some RV’s come with cooking and bathing facilities and some do not. If I find it necessary to cook or … ahem, use the sale de bain (French 101: restroom…much classier), I still have to leave the RV sunroom.


Whenever I jokingly bring this idea of “sunroom on wheels” up to the Hubster, “Just think we could camp at the beach, the Grand Canyon, Disney World, New England and so many other places.”

He quickly deflates the tires on this thought…his words or at least how I interpreted his words, ”My dearest child bride and reason for my being, our sunroom has glass walls…you are a beauty to me, but some of our living is best unseen by others. While secluded, our sunroom still has some R V qualities … Room with a View; in as well as out.”




I suppose he has a point.



  1. Jennifer says:

    Awww…I feel honored to have been included in your post. That was a fun afternoon! Just catching up on your blog. You have been very busy!

    • Beemie says:

      Hmm…very busy I know not what you speak about…I have loads of free time when I wake up at 3 am and my brain races about the days ahead….I’ll be certain to text you at that time so we can chat…just kidding :).

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