Now that I have your attention

The Hubster and I were picking up a few items at a local discount store. While we were waiting at the checkout I began to browse the magazine covers…the covers are very shiny and tend to attract me like candy does for children. (I noticed the candy also, but this is about magazines.)

candy display

Now that I have your attention…Do you see why it is hard to resist the candy?


I digress, back to the magazines:

I have several subscriptions so I try not to buy others on a whim, but once in a while a headline catches my eye and I splurge.

Here is an example … I mentioned it in Eat, Beach, Love.

I couldn’t attend Katie Couric’s wedding. Actually, I wasn’t invited.



My undergraduate degree is Mass Communication Arts so I feel completely qualified to analyze and determine just from the headline if the magazine is a worthy purchase. With credentials and background knowledge in place, this is a headline I was definitely able to pass:

I do not need this information….I can drop 10 lbs. fast if I put down my purse. Problem solved!


Here is my purse… not trying to brag, but the weight loss may be more like 12 lbs…


The Hubster may not recognize me when he gets home.

At this time I will not require a new wardrobe, but I’ll keep you posted. I was going to post before and after photos, but I am still in my pajamas and I think I have exposed my gentle readers to more than enough of me in the last 24 hours.

Raining here in Maryland today…the lawn is saying….”Aahh.”

Sorry lawn guy Hubster you will probably have to cut the grass come Thursday.


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