This week…

…in my life.

This is not my school, but trust me the sign could have been posted at my school. If you don’t know Fortnite, you don’t know anyone under the age of 30. I will not bore you with the details. The first time I heard about this video game was when a group of my students in my science class last year were required to come up with a group name for the task they were to complete. When I asked the group of 3 young men the name of their group they stated…“Fortnight.”

“Fortnight,” I inquired…“do you know what a fortnight is?” I was ready to be impressed with their response.

“Yes we know,” they responded in unison. “A video game, Fortnite.”

From that moment on, every side conversation, I overheard in school was Fortnite.

I am happy to report school is back in session and so far everyone seems to be okay…I’ll be sure to report back in a fortnight.


This is how I have felt since August 23 when I sat in an orientation session for my certification course in grad school. I finished grad school 10 years ago…doing this again has me wondering if I have lost my mind. At the very least, I have temporarily lost a chunk of change from my checking account. My mind cannot stray too far because i really need it to complete this work.

My class is online. I am not a fan, although sitting in my pajamas late at night listening to the professor is much easier than going to the university and parking my car. I have already completed two writing assignments, a video presentation, and multiple chapters of reading all while teaching. The circles under my eyes have circles.

My new affirmation: I handle everything with ease, grace, and a pound of concealer.

Enjoy the rest of your week!



    • Beemie says:

      You’re fortunate to have no knowledge of this game. I hear it discussed every day at recess by my students. Right now the personal journey of my new “learnin'” is much like a car ride through the mountains…filled with ups & downs. Have a great week.

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