Nine worth…


(Quest to write posts with numbers in the title to ten.)

I sat, I watched, I conquered…after reading that quote I’m sure you’re probably sitting at the edge of your laptop, iPad, or phone just chomping at the bit for information about my stimulating watch list.

This group puts on a pretty good poker face, but I can tell they are just playing it cool before continuing to read. (Pinterest)



Hubster and I spent our dating years and the first few years of our marriage at the movies at least once every two weeks. We went to so many movies and rented many from Erol’s Video stores. I’m certain Stephen Spielberg, Robert De Niro, and the entire Brat Pack earned enough from us to pay for one year of private school for each of their children. I don’t give credit for their entire schooling because I know those schools were quite expensive even back in the day.

Anyway, Hubster and I frequent the theater much less now. We went exactly once this summer. It is hard for us to justify the cost of going to a mediocre movie; therefore we wait for the movie to appear on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, or one of the other streaming services.

Our one movie in the theatre date was just this past Saturday. I received a gift card for two free movie tickets in June. At the time there was not one movie I deemed “gift card worthy”. Last week while watching a morning news program the cast of Crazy Rich Asians was featured. I enjoyed their interview so much, I announced to Hubster we would go to the movies.

I had hoped my free outing would have found me a few more laughs based on their Today Show interview. The story was a bit predictable, but I did appreciate the comedic aspect, as well as some familiar faces who did not disappoint. I would recommend it worth watching once it hits one of your streaming services.

The remaining eight of my nine worth watching come straight from my sunroom chair via the world wide web.

Amazon Prime

I absolutely adored Lady Byrd. The acting was magnificent as evidenced by its Golden Globe Awards and Academy Awards nominations. The story of a young lady attending a Catholic high school on the verge of adulthood and independence navigates her relationship with her mother and her world. If you are a regular reader of my blog, the above summary could have been a memoir written by me.

The Big Sick is a romantic comedy of a couple from different ethnic backgrounds. He must deal with his parents’ frequent attempts at an arranged marriage while he strives to salvage his relationship with his girlfriend who becomes gravely ill and lands in the hospital.


 I found The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society while waiting for my dental hygienist appointment this summer. The magazine selection at my dentist’s office is often how I keep up with the hottest entertainment topics sometimes three months late. Thank goodness for their People magazine subscription. The title of the movie is not the longest on record, but it doesn’t exactly flow off the tongue either. The story is set during and after World War II. The eclectic group of characters is brought together as dinner guests turned accidental book club during extraordinary circumstances.  It is a sweet historical piece with hints of comedy, tragedy, and drama. You will probably not find yourself asking for the potato peel pie recipe.



It may be the teacher in me, but I found this docu-series absolutely glorious. The boys who attend this school walk past the names of famous alumnae every day…one name you may have heard, Winston Churchill. (My take on Winston Churchill here.) The school campus oozes of wealth and privilege, yet I did not find one young man who did not understand the reason their parents forked over 150,000.00 pounds (Hubster and I did the math $190,000.00 US) in order for them to attend such a school. The young men are ready to learn, accept responsibility for their actions, and have very little free time to get into any kind of serious trouble (at least none featured in the series). The housemaster, Mr. Smith was quirky in his ability to speak and laugh while simultaneously gritting his teeth. Although I sense there is an amount of arrogance or “Harrowgance” as they call it among the students, I honestly didn’t see the trait during the series. There are only ten episodes and it is done. I’d love to see a follow-up to know where the boys are today…it was filmed in 2013.


World War I does not meet MASH in this six-episode series, however, doctors, nurses, volunteers, and soldiers at a field hospital in France make an interesting blend in this drama. Unfortunately, the series was canceled, but I was not deterred from watching for fear of unanswered endings.

Hubster and I found A Place to Call Home several years ago. (I wrote about it here.) We only watched the first two seasons back then, we are now caught up through season 4 (there are 5) and while not another Downton, we have loved and hated the characters many times over.

Speaking of Downton…

In the days leading up to my beach vacation with the Hubster and my college roommate, Peggy Anne’s family, she sent me a text about an unfortunate weather forecast…

This is a forecast for Seattle about a week ago, but also a similar one to the 14 days of our vacation.

My response to her text was …who is this and why are you trying to ruin my life? 

Knowing Peggy Anne does not enjoy reading novels, I envisioned Hubster and I sitting inside reading our books while Peggy Anne stared at us or some all-day news station. Instead, I remembered purchasing the DVD of Season 1 of Downton Abbey at a yard sale. I packed it for the beach vacation because we have been trying to convince Peggy Anne to watch Downton Abbey, but she doesn’t like long-term commitments so she was hesitant to start another series.

It did not rain for 14 days straight…thank you God and Mother Nature, but on the three days that we did get rain, we watched Season 1.

Hubster and I were pleasantly surprised for we thoroughly enjoyed it a second time around. As for Peggy Anne, the fear of long-term commitment seemed to melt away on a rainy day. She was hooked and we were concerned because she started talking about having to take a leave of absence from her job after the vacation so she could binge watch the rest of the series once she returned home. Luckily, we were able to persuade her… the job she has held for 32 years should not be cast aside for Masterpiece Theater. Instead, Peggy Anne vowed to stay awake past 9 pm to finish watching the series. We warned her some unfortunate circumstances came to Downton…here are her texts to Hubster and me just after watching a crucial turn of events. (Spoiler Alert…in case you have been living under a rock and have never seen Downton Abbey also forgive the mild foul language.)


This text caught me off guard because I didn’t have my glasses on when it came through while I was visiting my brother in New Hampshire. I thought someone I knew died.

Finally, with this text is Peggy Anne’s overall critique of the series.

Thanks to the Instagram editing tool for giving me the opportunity to change the names.

Up next for Peggy Anne and hopefully for you…

I can’t wait for the second season of this comedy where the title word Marvelous is the truth. I may need to re-watch the first season again …if you haven’t seen it yet…Get on it…you will not regret it.

Well, that’s a wrap on nine.

Ten is waiting in the wings.


  1. Kelly L McKenzie says:

    What a splendid, splendid list. I’ve seen all but Harrow, Crimson Field and season two on of A Place To Call Home. Our Canadian Netflix is rather sad compared to yours (we don’t even have West Wing) but maybe I can track ’em down in other ways.
    And yes, I CANNOT wait for the 2nd Mrs. Maisel. Absolutely brilliant.
    Harrow looks just like my cup of tea. Did you see Inside Claridges? It’s a year behind the scene’s of the luxury London hotel. The hotel manager makes it.

    • Beemie says:

      It seems we have similar taste. I tried to find Inside Claridges, but it is not available here yet…bummer. I will keep it on my list. West Wing was a great series hope you get it soon. Have a great night! Enjoy Harrow!

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