My last two posts have had the numbers Two and Three, consecutively in the titles, so I wondered if I could write posts with number titles to ten (and not bore every one of my tens of readers to click away from my blog).

Do not fear this post! You will find it has absolutely nothing to do with cursing, swearing, or cussing.

I wrote two posts about those four-letter words several years ago. (If interested here & here.)

I have chosen four, four-letter words:




This is the empty nest where the Hubster and I reside.


We aren’t going anywhere anytime soon and a few things need fixing. We need a new driveway as the roots from an oak tree (not seen to the right and not ours) has really caused it to crack. Each year it gets worse.

We may have some new landscape by next spring because we won a landscape design package at my school auction this year. The designer comes in August to create the plan. We’re hoping our bank accounts approve of what’s in store.

Our kitchens and baths are all functional and clean. Tile and grout are set in the stone age so I find it hard to justify redoing just so we can have the latest design features. (Also, I have my heart set on a beach place so I want to keep my the funds moving in that direction.)

The kitchen floor is another matter…white vinyl. Enough said…My smoke and mirrors method of keeping it looking great is to encourage everyone to look up at the pretty plates on the wall or out the kitchen window to the backyard when they enter the room. Another method of distraction is dimming the lights; it saves money.

While trying to locate a photo of an ugly kitchen floor and because I don’t want to put my floor on the internet, I found this blog. She painted her floor. Hmm, maybe a project!

The Nester

Our backyard and sunroom are wonderful features in the spring, summer, and fall. I have spent most of my summer thus far sitting in the sunroom, no matter the temperature and gazing toward the yard.

I tend to get a bit annoyed when I spot deer grazing while I am gazing. I do my best to scare them away, but they come back while I sleep.

This used to be glorious hosta.

I know I promised no uncouth four-letter words, but I did think it in my head. Time for a reapplication of Liquid Fence.


In my last post, I mentioned I met someone who writes a blog. She is Sue Batton Leonard. Her blog is Sow the Heart. She is very sweet and the blog is filled with charming stories. She is a published author. I decided to buy one of her books for my Kindle. It’s a memoir she wrote about her family which included a wonderful woman by the name of Fanny. Although Fanny was hired by the family as help for the author’s mother, she became an endearing and loving part of their lives.


I am not affiliated with Sue or her blog, but I just thought it was such a sweet book that I had to let everyone know.


I am happy to report the heap of fabric which resided in my garage closet is gone. It wasn’t actually a heap. All was washed, folded, and color sorted for projects, but the fact is there has been no time for all the ideas in my head or on my Pinterest boards. I donated all of the fabric with the exception of one plastic container.

I am glad to have this heap off my back. Next, I will delete the projects from my Pinterest boards.

Don’t worry dog bandana friends the fabric I kept in the plastic container is for dog bandanas.

A few of my dog bandana friends:






Chowdah’ and Chili…Preppy Empty Nester’s two hooligans.




If I left your dog out it’s because I don’t have a recent photo of your dog sporting its stylish bandana or I wasn’t able to swipe it off of an Instagram post.


There are no deep wounds requiring therapy, but finding these long days of summer to feel like I am achieving something for me is invigorating. The teacher in me knows the academic lessons and my patience, tolerance, kindness, and did I mention patience are permitted to enjoy a respite. Please let the summer move slowly from here forward. I need the sunlight on my “sunscreened” shoulders, my toes in the sand (perhaps a cool umbrella beverage in hand), and time to read a book I choose to keep me on an even keel for the 190 days of the year that belong to someone else.

One of the other books I’ve read this summer and highly recommend:


One of my colleagues who follows me on Instagram spotted it in one of my Insta-posts and invited me to their book club dinner to discuss. It was wonderful because the conversation steered clear of school…Keep Calm and Heal.

I read it while I was visiting the Family Matriarch and the Kitchen King….an excellent spot to heal.

Until next time,











  1. jeanie says:

    Hi Beemie — before I forget, I came over to thank you for stopping at Marmelade Gypsy and leaving such a nice comment! I’m glad it brought me here!

    Three cheers on winning the landscaping contest. Boy, that’s something I could use. I hope you’ll share how it goes.

    And I love the dog bandanas. I do something similar for cats with handkerchiefs and painting. More people seem to want to put bandanas on their dogs than cats, though (although I must say, Lizzie looks rather sweet in hers and she doesn’t mind it!). I even recognize a few of your dog friends! Happy week!

    • Beemie says:

      Thanks for popping over…I wondered if cats would wear bandanas. I am looking forward to seeing what the landscape design looks like on paper…who knows how much reality we will be able to purchase. Have a great weekend.

  2. Kelly L McKenzie says:

    You know, this is just the perfect summer read. Thank you. It had me grinning, nodding and smiling. I’m delighted to know the dog bandanas will still be in production and that you won the landscaping contest. Huge congrats on the latter. I look forward to reading about that.
    I’ve read Celeste’s Everything I Never Told You and really enjoyed it, so to find out that she’s written a second one is really special.
    I’m pressing the ‘hold button’ for you. Hopefully it will help slow down your summer.

    • Beemie says:

      You are so kind to keep coming back for more. I hope you get the book and as far as the landscape, fingers crossed it is not a fortune.

  3. Jan Batton Smolca says:

    I loved discovering your blog through “Sow The Heart”, I enjoy your writing very much and look forward to reading more! Isn’t it amazing the connections in life one can make through mutual interests and sharing of the heart!

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