Zero, Zilch, Zippo…

…all = nothing!

Alphabetical Post Z

      I must say, this was the worst idea I have ever had. Alphabetical posts…at least I can say I am not a quitter. I made it to Z; even though it took 14  15 16 months to do it. My creative non-fiction writing ability was really put to the test…fortunately, none of this was graded because I may have scored a big huge ….


Feel free to print and use for adult coloring…pencils not included.

The summer was busy with odds and ends that consumed much of my time.

Immediately after school let out on June 13, I drove to Massachusetts to enjoy a fun-filled week with the Family Matriarch and the Kitchen King. I also visited my sister, Keary, where I received the three years worth of correspondence of my parents during WWII. I believe there is a book in there.

Once back in Maryland, I cleaned a closet in the garage (I will spare you the photo of the actual empty closet). The following photo is the intention for the currently empty closet.


empty closet

I think the housekeeper (me) will love it.

 Closet cleaning meant multiple trips to Goodwill for donations. I happen to live where our Goodwill receives donations from the “movers and shakers” of the metropolis; thus while donating at the back door I have been known to pop to the front. I recently scored this beautiful Vera Bradley bag…I don’t think it was ever used.



The housekeeper thought the bag was beautiful, so I might just give it to her.

In addition to serious closet clean out, I also sewed slip covers for some furniture in our sun room. While cleaning that closet in the garage, I found leftover fabric from when I originally made the slip covers which have become quite faded and damaged by the sun. The furniture out there is a mish-mash of various hand-me-downs, but I love the room and especially enjoy sitting out there in the summer to watch my garden grow. ( if interested you can read an old post I wrote about the room here)



The pillow in front was sewn over 10 years ago…if you look carefully at the double welting, you’ll notice the solid fabric from the back pillow that I just completed is the same fabric as the very faded smaller welt…the ottoman is next. I’ll try to remember before and after photos.

The beach was fabulous this year. Once again, Peggy Anne hosted and we had a blast. Below are a few snapshots from our time at the beach.

I would go back in a minute.



We really loved our reader sunglasses.


Squished into a car for fabulous bagel breakfast at Uber Bagel.



Christmas in July gift exchange.

We built exactly one sandcastle…

It seems I managed to fake my way through this “Z” post.  Now I’ve said my ABC’s….The next time I write, I will fill you in on my beautiful niece’s wedding a couple of weeks back and some back to school makeovers in my classroom.


Happy Labor Day!








  1. Kelly L McKenzie says:

    Hooray! You did it! 16 months to do your ABCs is nothing to sneeze at, if you ask me. I applaud your tenacity, Beemie. Your closet cleanup is also inspirational. I have a storage room that is storing gems from … a long time ago. My daughter, home for a spell, has offered to help me clear it out. Our Goodwill is about to get a wealth of items, I suspect. Now, if I can only stop myself from perusing the other donations … Love that Vera Bradley, I’d have snapped it up, too!

    • Beemie says:

      I am glad to have that in the rear view mirror. I wish I could tell you the rest of the garage looked as good as the closet, but I’d be less than truthful so I’ll say nothing about the junk in the rest of the garage. Enjoy your trips to Goodwill, may you leave more than you take.

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