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Yesterday, Hubster and I celebrated 31 years of wedded bliss. If you follow me on Instagram, then you have already seen this photo, if not then here we are yesterday, as well as 31 years worth of yesterdays ago…

Image (1) Moving on …Today, as in the Today Show….I used to love the Today Show. It was my go to morning show from a very young age. I remember the days of Barbara Walters & Tom Brokaw . I even pictured my self as the next Jane Pauley after she took BW’s seat. My inspiration for my life in broadcast television came from the following…

MTM hair

jane pauley

It seems I thought the only qualification was my long hair back in the day.

     The Today Show just doesn’t hold the magic of the past. Since I have been out of school for the past two weeks, I have only watched some of it each morning. A few mornings, I have even jumped ship and headed over to Good Morning America. I feel like an unfaithful viewer.

     Tomorrow always brings a promise…

free beer

 Hubster & I enjoy a visit to an Irish Pub when we are at the beach. We like it because we can walk to it and the food always satisfies. Upon a recent visit, we noticed a sign similar to the one above written on a chalkboard. Both of us made a comment and discussed whether or not we thought there was an Irish holiday the next day. We ordered and a younger couple came and sat next to us. The man told the bartender that he had been to the pub yesterday and thought they were offering free beer today. The bartender turned to the chalkboard and said, “Oh no, free beer is always tomorrow.”

Until tomorrow…




  1. janey says:

    so funny! you, preppy empty nester katie and I all had wedding anniversaries the past week!!!

    Guess I’m the oldest tho for I’ve been married the longest. I hate being the oldest these days….sigh…..

    Hope ya”l had a happy fun day remembering!!!

    • Beemie says:

      Had a wonderful anniversary…if you’re the oldest it also means you’re the wisest…wishing all of us many more anniversaries!!!!

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