X Roads…

…translation “Cross Roads”

Alphabetical Post X

 It has taken me just over 12 months to reach the letter X in my pursuit to write 26 alphabetical posts. This quest was intended to keep me writing, but it seems the opposite has occurred; it has stunted my growth . (Thankfully, it has stunted the growth of my hips as well.)

Today, my x post is all about “Cross Roads”; whether it be crossing something off a “to-do” list, eliminating a behavior, or looking for a point in the right direction.


There are only two more full days and two more half days of school left this year. The Farewell Assembly for my 5th grade class is Friday morning. They tend to call it their graduation ceremony. I used to correct them when they would inquire, “What time is the graduation ceremony?”, but I have grown weary from repeating this same phrase 800 times per day, “It is a Farewell Assembly, not graduation; and it starts at 9:30 am.”

“Resistance is futile”, I  will let them call it what they want…, but have no fear; I do not intended to give in to the masses in other areas because many times the M is silent.

Cross the 2016-2017 school year off the “to-do” list.

When I was a stay at home mom for 20 years, I used to pop over to the local Hallmark store to purchase cards for birthdays, holidays, etc. I loved using my frequent buyer card, and never really gave much thought to dropping between $20-$30 for a stack of cards for my large extended family. Now when I say stack, I probably had at least 10-15 cards. Since returning to a full-time job I started buying cards at the grocery store while doing my weekly shopping. I truly never looked at the back of the cards to note the price. By the time I reached the cashier, my groceries and cards were rung-up together, thus I never noted the price.

more greet

In April, the Family Matriarch turned, 70. Leading up to her birthday, I searched for the perfect card. The day I found it in the store, I began to weep because it nailed every sentiment I had hoped to find for my dear sister. When I went to the cashier, once again I had several grocery items, so I honestly had no idea of the price of the actual card.

Fast forward to Mother’s Day…school was quite hectic the two weeks prior to Mother’s Day with mandatory testing, county science fair, band concerts, and collecting permission slips for our annual trip to Mount Vernon. I went to the grocery store only to purchase Mother’s Day cards for my two sisters, and my mother-in-law. After reading a “gazillion” cards I brought three to the self-checkout. I scanned without thought, bagged, and returned to the terminal to complete the final purchase… the screen stated, in big bold numbers with a dollar symbol: $19.92.



Needless to say, I paid for the cards, sent the two cards to my sisters, and Hubster presented his step-mother with the third card. Now don’t get me wrong, I like nice things, I am willing to pay for quality, I will spring for classic & iconic, but three cards…round $19.92 to $20…$20 for three greeting cards. This cross-road has me professing, “I will no longer purchase single greeting cards.”  

My final cross-road has me looking toward the summer. At present, I have many, many balls in the air. If you’re old enough you may remember…

ck pin pong

I love watching Captain Kangaroo

I spend most days of the school year avoiding this pratfall. The summer points me toward sewing, lunching with friends, visiting family, spending time with my Son-sters, a wedding, and most of all pointing me toward my favorite cross-road…



Happy almost summer vacation!



  1. Nana Diana says:

    I KNOW- isn’t the cost of cards just crazy? I buy them very sporadically now and have started using some of my card stock to make my own. My SIL and her family have a ‘contest’ to see who pays the least for the ‘perfect card’. They look at the price BEFORE reading the card. lol

    Hope you have a wonderful week–crossroads and crosswise—xo Diana

    • Beemie says:

      Thanks for stopping by…I think I like the idea of seeing who can find the perfect “cheap” card. I may suggest that to my family.

  2. janey says:

    So happy that in only a week, you will walk away from your classroom with that sigh of relief that only a teacher understands!
    Hoping your summer is restful and filled with soul searching peace!!

  3. Leslie Anne Tarabella says:

    I laughed at the card story. I’ve noticed the same thing and have started making my own cards. They always turn out looking funny, but my friends think I’m quirky, not cheap! ha- I hope. Enjoy the relaxing days of summer. – And I adored Captain Kangaroo!!!

    • Beemie says:

      Oh my …so sorry you are just hearing from me now…my last day of school was the same day you wrote this comment….I burned rubber getting out of the building and driving to Massachusetts. Spent a great week with the Family Matriarch and the Kitchen King..upon return I had to complete some professional development for school….I also had to complete some major spring now summer cleaning at home…after 7 trips to Goodwill, I think that part of my summer to do list is complete.

      Thank you for popping in…take care.

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