Where’s Waldo…

…or Beemie?

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My two Sons-sters loved the Where’s Waldo books, lots of illustrations and few to no words. It seems  my blog for the last month has followed this pattern, only in addition to no words of the written kind I also featured zero illustrations. A New York Times bestseller, I think not.

waldo costume

If my body could ft into those skinny jeans, I’d definitely give this outfit a try.

The month of April featured a spring break from school, where quite honestly I did nothing, except shop. I can happily report that my shoe size has remained the same for years, unfortunately clothing sizes seem to fluctuate.

April also found me at the movie theater with Peggy Anne…she surprised me and purchased the two of us tickets for Beauty and the Beast. I loved the movie. I actually felt like I was watching two movies because I was awestruck by the costumes. Truth be told, I actually wept while gazing at the wondrous combinations of materials and trims.



This collage of Emma’s costumes are nothing compared to the lush fabrics used in Beast’s jackets.

This spring, I have had the privilege of reading books intended for those of us over the age of twelve because the novels my students are reading this year, I read in full last year, thus I only require a quick daily refresher of the chapters. The books I have read may not be on the popular reading lists, but they have been interesting.

Eb White

E.B White was quite an interesting character and I loved learning about how he was inspired to write Charlotte’s Web. Upon completion of the above book, I was encouraged to follow-up with the actual E.B. White:EB white one man


I am reading one or two essays at a time…I especially enjoyed the essay he wrote 1939 about the television. He was not impressed and believed it would be a detriment to society. Hmmm,… with classic programming like the one below, I’m not sure he was on point.



Never mind!

This book found me both laughing and crying. I highly recommend.



I am just about done with:

tin ticket

While the above is not for the weak of stomach, it explains much about human nature and the need to survive.

Next on my list is:

boys boat

Hubster has already finished it and tells me to make sure I have tissues at the ready.


So as you can see, I haven’t really been away, just not here on my blog. There are only 29 days of school left and I can’t wait. I love the summer. My flowers are in and the vegetable garden goes in next weekend.








  1. Nana Diana says:

    Well, there you are! Where’s Waldo, indeed! I sure get “busy”. You will have more time once school is out for summer session. You can play a bit of catch up then.

    You are lucky to have things abloom in your yard/garden. We can’t plant anything outside until after Memorial Day. June 1st is considered the day it is SAFE to plant without fear of freeze….usually….

    Hope you have a wonderful; Wednesday- xo Diana

  2. Kelly L McKenzie says:

    My blog has been silent for weeks as well. I’m writing but finding it rather lonely as I miss the back and forth between my readers and me, as well as other bloggers and me. So I was delighted to pop over here and find that you are indeed still writing. Look at you! Well done. Wonderful book suggestions and I’ve not seen Beauty and the Beast however I mean to. Your post just bumped it up the “must do” list. As for a garden this year, I’m betwixt and between about what to do. I’m traveling a fair bit this summer and don’t want to load anyone down with a watering job on my behalf, I might just have to pop over here to look at your florals. So get busy, girl!

    • Beemie says:

      Sometimes silence is golden… Definitely see B & the B, fabulous. I am always torn about planting a garden when i know I have a busy summer, but the one year I opted not to plant made me sad when I was home with nothing to view. Have a great week.

  3. Leslie Anne Tarabella says:

    So glad you’re back. I check in from time to time hoping to find your words of wisdom! A Man Called Ove was a film at our film festival last year and was so good. I’ve never heard of the behind-the-scenes story of Charlotte’s Web before, so I’ll definitely have to check it out! Here’s a toast to the end of the school year! Cheers!

    • Beemie says:

      Hi…sorry I haven’t checked into my own blog in a few days…end of year school activities. Just 15 days left…hopefully I can write more this summer. Thanks for stopping by.

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