…my current job title.

Alphabetical Post U

      Truthfully, I still don’t fully understand the job of an actual underwriter. I know my own meaning is I just can’t seem to get it together to write a post; thus I am “under-writing”. I have always been a “story-teller”; usually not at a loss for words, although as mentioned in the past, sometimes I need to kick myself to hold my tongue because I do need the job that employs for 190 days per year.

     Nothing out of the ordinary has kept me away from the keyboard. There have been exactly zero snow days this year. A two-hour delay a couple of weeks ago was quite disappointing.

This amount of snow screams: 2 hour DELAY!


     I have avoided watching news shows …so no 60 Minutes, Today Show, or Meet the Press; thus without media, I have fewer headaches. I have not gone complete cold turkey on the news because I still read the daily newspaper. Sadly, skipping political stories finds me reading the obituaries and sports. In case you’re wondering, the matriarch of a famous seafood establishment recently passed and a player on the University of Maryland women’s basketball team has been named Big 10 player of the year. I also check the Facebook timeline; however I think I may be developing carpal tunnel in my right wrist because I spend more time scrolling past politically polarized posts from both donkeys and elephants.

     I tried to find an image of something that represented neither party, but wasted 30 minutes searching for images. The decrease in headaches mentioned in the previous paragraph came creeping back. I did find this image….

cuckoo clock

This speaks volumes to my current political mood.

There is some good news, albeit shallow. Hubster and I have discovered a new series.


Hubster needed to find something to pull me away from the sewing machine on weekends.

Speaking of the sewing machine, I have spent a great deal of time at my machine on weekends. Due to absence of snow days, Project Snow Day (read here and here) is lacking and the auction is a month earlier this year.

Oh, and this goes out to Hasbro, just because like the ostrich, my head has been in the sand with all the political news; it has not gone unnoticed that the most significant game piece of Monopoly has been discontinued. The thimble; worn to protect the finger  and push the needle when sewing….gone! It seems there is nothing sacred. Hobbyist seamstresses such as myself must go forth in a game which involves taxation, yet, no representation.

It seems protest is required. I am going to wear my thimble (because I will be sewing) for the rest of the day in support of thimbles everywhere on the planet. I know a revolution when I see one.



From my mother’s sewing collection…she was always up for a good protest, unless it was from one of her children about the rules of the house…dictatorship was a house rule…and no, this in not my middle finger.

     Have a wonderful week!







  1. Leslie Anne Tarabella says:

    Your light dusting of snow would have closed us down for three days, at least. South Alabama doesn’t handle the snow or ice well. Who can sew without a thimble? I’m with you. Bring it back! Let’s start a demonstration and break windows . . . oh, sorry. That’s what you’re trying to avoid! Good for you.

    • Beemie says:

      Yes, no window breaking, but some aggressive seam ripping for sure. A friend moved from Maryland to Mississippi for about 8 years. When she returned her kids were outraged that school was not closed for that recent dusting.

  2. Kelly L McKenzie says:

    I may have mentioned this already, so hope you will forgive me. We have had snow on the ground here since Dec. 6. Ok, so right now there’s just a thimble’s worth but still. It’s been absolutely incredible here in Vancouver, BC. Back in 2010 they had to truck snow in for some of the events for the Winter Olympics. This year they are saying that there will be snow on those very same mountains until May. Ah well, it’s Daylight Saving Weekend! Spring is upon us.
    You had me grinning over your definition of an underwriter, by the way. Brilliant.

    • Beemie says:

      In the midst of a winter event today, snow, sleet, freezing rain…no school, our first snow day of the year. I am hopeful that this may be it and we will get out of school a full week earlier than projected. I went to Florida to visit the Family Matriarch and the Kitchen King, had a great time, but coming back to this…UGH!

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