Seven ’17 Sentiments…

…in the New Year.

Alphabetical Post S

     I went back to school on Tuesday after a wonderful break and it was the lonnnnggggest short week ever. When I am feeling blue or haggard due to the daily demands of being a classroom teacher, I try to remind myself that I am lucky to have a job and  to just keep teaching. One of my colleagues has been so overwhelmed that it sent her to the doctor this week.

     Since I know what it feels like to be submerged in stress (read here) I have tried to offer words of wisdom, but words are easy; actually allowing yourself to take something off your plate is not so easy.  When providing unsolicited counsel of my own experiences to those in distress that I often have plenty of lemons , but no lemonade; that person may say something like, ” Wow, you seem to have your act together!” (Those who really know me are laughing so hard right now they need to change their underwear. Sorry for the inconvenience.)

The “act together” comment from those who I seem to have bamboozled that my life seems in calamity calm, cool,  and collected reminds me of the persona “Fernando Lamas” created by Billy Crystal.

Sentiment 7


 Little do they know this is really what is going on in my daily life….

Sentiment 6


Things have changed because I seriously have decided…

Sentiment 5


This is why during the school year, Hubster does most of the cooking. (Honestly, I think he really likes the deluxe health benefits my job provides.) He is a great cook and although I grew up in the era of ” I can bring home the bacon…”

Sentiment 4


I am perfectly happy with him frying it up in the pan!

There are many experts out there who tell us we need to find ways to relieve stress…

Sentiment 3


My sister, Keary, bought me an adult coloring book for my birthday last year…I tried it, but then I stopped because the color pencils required sharpening…I didn’t want to add another job to my life. In my profession, I sharpen a few thousand pencils every day.

I do believe my best stress reliever….

(no, not alcohol)wine

is my best friend….



A dark and blurry photo of two young kids who are still in love.

Sentiment 2


Operative word here is “girl”,  for he still calls me his “child bride” and believes it!

Another step I have taken to relieve worry is to remind myself that ….


These two are adults. Yes, I did buy them the t-shirts and they did wear the hats for the throwback photo at my request, but they have significant others, jobs, benefits, and lives beyond the one that we created. We have raised independent beings …apparently, that is the job of parents.

     When my mother was dying in 2009, I entered her hospital room having just driven 7.5 hours with my sister, Susan from Maryland to Boston. In the days before this trip, I had walked across the stage to receive my Masters degree at the  old nubile age of 46; I was very much a hip and trendy well-ripened and exhausted adult.

     My mother, was slumped in the chair next to her hospital bed. Her hair was combed straight back and white, like I had never seen before. I walked over to her while Susan stayed near the door. We both thought she had died in that chair. I called to her, ” Mum…Mum”, no response. I turned to Susan and frantically exclaimed, “Get a nurse!”…Susan was frozen, so I grabbed her by the arm and together we summoned a nurse.


My mother and Susan; a time Susan didn’t mind being close.

     The cool-headed nurse brought us back to the room. She told us to call her name again. Susan did not want to get too close, so I along with the nurse tried to give her a little shake on the arm, while I called out again, “Mum…it’s me…Susan is here too!”

     My mother began to wake. As she muttered my name and tried to focus her eyes, she whispered, “Oh, it is you…you know I’m dying.” There was never much “sugar-coating” when it came to her making a point.

     As she focused more, I was crouched down in front of her. The voice which once commanded attention was now fragile, but just as pointed. She had a clear view of my hair because she advised, “You need to do your roots.” At that moment, I knew that no matter what your age or state of mind, your mother is still your mother.

Sentiment 1


     I  had hoped I would find myself writing more, but I will refer to Sentiment 5. This does not mean I am giving up on my blog, it means that for now things are status quo…Writing is excellent mental health, but so is reading, watching TV,  and sewing….

A Cautionary Sentiment


Have  a great week!


PS: This is Us comes back of Tuesday, but also check out Good Behavior on TNT….Lady Mary not so lady-like.



  1. Katie Clooney says:

    Great post, Beemie! I love the story about your Mom. My favorite picture is Lucy and Ethel. Hope you’re not getting a lot of snow like us! They’ve been broadcasting from Scituate all morning. Have a good weekend!

    • Beemie says:

      We are getting some snow….I am still in my pj’s….Lucy and Ethel the best ever. You have a great weekend as well.

  2. janey says:

    Your mom and mine must be whooping it up in heaven…they sound like soul sistahs!!
    WE EVEN HAD FIVE MINUTES OF SNOW YESTERDAY!!! so in honor of that, I’m “hunkering”
    down today to watch the all of This Is Us this afternoon. 1-8 pm on USA….I haven’t been watching it so an afternoon full sounds fun.
    Love your post today…..I can SO relate. and needed it this morning…my bday is tomorrow and I’m really down about it this yr – just seems that more bones hurt as each day passes… made me forget and laugh. thanks!

    • Beemie says:

      “Make ’em laugh”…someone said that, not sure who, but so true. You will love This is Us…as a matter of fact my principal just texted me that she just started watching it today because my colleagues and I highly recommended it. I texted back “perfect for a snowy day”… we are having here in Maryland. Hubster is outside shoveling the 1/2 inch right now…hope he is done soon, I’m getting hungry. Take care and it sounds like you might need a massage from someone who loves you…and I don’t mean the dog.

  3. Kelly L McKenzie says:

    Happy New Year, Beemie! Love all of your memes. Truer words were never spoken by dear Ann Landers. Although maybe I’ve gone a bit overboard. Have to admit I felt somewhat guilty when a friend asked what flight my daughter was departing from home on and I had absolutely NO idea. None. Didn’t even know the airline.

    Love This Is Us – and cannot wait to see how our heart attack victim copes … as for Lady Mary being not so ladylike, well I do thank you for the heads up. Not sure if it’s being shown here in Canada but I sure hope so!

    • Beemie says:

      I have had many a mother of the year moments…going way back to my #1’s ice cream party in first grade….I was expected to show to scoop ice cream…I fell asleep at home trying to put my #2 four year old down for a nap. “Mom….where were you?” His first grade teacher was a classmate of mine in college…disapproving looks from both #1 and the teacher. Yikes!

  4. Leslie Anne Tarabella says:

    Catching up on my blogs I missed while I was away, and I love this post! Many have resolutions this year to not do something so danged stressful. Whatever happened to making it a priority to sit outside and listen to . . . whatever? Great reminder, and I’m glad you’re taking it easy. Well, easier.

  5. Mo Lux says:

    Just catching up here. I surely need to put Good Behavior on my binge watching list! I think truer words were never spoken than “You can do anything, but not everything.”. Why do we keep trying to do it all? Have a great weekend, Beemie!!

  6. Nana Diana says:

    What a great post. That episode of “goodbye” to Chuckles the Clown was one of my favorite shows ever. I bet someone will run a MTM marathon in the upcoming weeks. She was a class act through and through.
    Thanks for the memories….xo Diana

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