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My winter break from school began promptly at 3:35 pm last Thursday and I didn’t stop moving until yesterday around 11:30 am when Son-ster #2 headed back to Pittsburgh. I have no regrets, I loved having my boys home for Christmas.


I especially love that not only did I still have the Santa hats for this “throw-back” photo, but I also captured the “red-eye”. #2 refused to put in his retainer, I suppose I can’t have it all.

We had a wonderful time filled with games, eating, dishes, gifts, napping, eating, Christmas movies, eating, and more dishes. I wouldn’t change a thing. Not even the fact that when Hubster turned on the oven on Christmas morning to pre-heat for the 22 pound turkey he received an error code “f3” …once the code was “Googled”, we determined nothing would be roasted in the oven, so cue the gas grill…

Voila…grilled turkey!


This is the actual turkey…luckily #2 had gifted Hubster an i-Grill for Father’s Day.

We also had grilled sweet potatoes and grilled herb dressing. I can honestly say it was truly delicious.

The next several days will involve sleeping in, a bit of sewing, some after-Christmas shopping, a visit from the Family Matriarch and the Kitchen King as they head to Florida, a dinner hosted by us (cooking courtesy of someone else due to aforementioned oven), a visit from my nephews (my sister Susan’s sons) & their crews, and finally New Year’s weekend with Peggy Anne.

From the sound of this post it seems it should be titled, Run, Rush, and Resolutions, but trust me not dealing with school life for a week is rest and relaxation. As far as the resolution goes the below (found on Pinterest) is my motto.


Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season.

If you live near me, can you recommend someone to fix the oven, I am pretty sure we will need it in 2017.



  1. janey says:

    awwww…..those little boys turned into big boys but they still look like mama’s boys to me…..just like I like em!!!
    so glad you’re having a great holiday!!!

  2. Nana Diana says:

    This was a great post. I hear you–some days/times are overwhelming at best and you just get through as best you can–on a promise and a prayer and gritted teeth. You can do this, Beemie! At least you have some kitchen help -I have NEVER had that…lol

    Love the recreation of the boys’ pictures. The funny thing is they haven’t changed much at all–they just look like grown-up boys. Lucky them!!

    Have a great weekend-xo Diana

  3. Kelly L McKenzie says:

    Drooling here over the photo of your turkey. You’ve reminded me of the Christmas my sister’s oven failed. My uncle insisted he could smell it roasting, however, it remained stoically half-cooked. Sadly no backup grill available, so she called a good friend in the hotel business who arrived with a sliced turkey and all the trimmings as well as the lead actor in a touring production of Old Man River.
    And yes, right there with you on your sentiments regarding New Year’s resolutions.

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