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The summer Olympics have returned. At one time in my young life, I actually thought I was going to become an Olympic athlete… had killer instinct in competition been the only requirement then yes, “I coulda been a contender.” Lack of money and the realization of waking at pre-dawn hours for 365 days per year quickly woke me from that dream. (I suppose true Olympic talent would have helped.)

As you may recall in my last post, I mentioned I had returned home from two weeks at the beach. Well, I turned around Wednesday to go right back for several days. Jackson*, Peggy Anne’s #2, was not in attendance for my two weeks because he was busy with his summer  vacation internship in Spain. He returned to the states Sunday night after I had left; devastated that I would not be at the beach with him, he requested I come back. Who am I to say no to the beach  Jackson.

On Thursday, Jackson and I built an impressive shamrock in the sand. My photo does not do it justice.


Ernie*, Jackson’s college roommate (also a guest at Jackson’s request) noted Jackson and I employ a thrill of victory attitude toward the sport of sandcastle building. On Friday, Ernie asked if he could join our sandcastle team. Naturally, there was an interview process (which he nailed because he was able to text his mother for a personal reference) and we asked to see his resume. Stating he usually doesn’t bring his resume to the beach he offered this…

jeep shovel

He put his money where his mouth is…so we said, “You’re in!” The Dream Team was complete.

For the record, these are our shovels…

sand shovels

Ernie, did his best to control his envy for our plastic and wood “proprietary” sculpting tools.

To demonstrate our Olympic spirit, our “Dream Team” spent two hours with no breaks manipulating sand, sweat, sunscreen, and water to erect our tribute.


Jackson earns all the creative praise, as he requested we construct the Olympic rings. He implemented the use of Google to be certain the rings were equidistant …as the tide went out he was quick on defeat his feet to advocate for use of wetter sand to contrast the Rio 2016 logo after noting the NBC logo to the left seemed too similar in color to stand out in the sand. (L-R) Ernie, Jackson, me.

In my mind, We received a gold medal in Olympic sandcastle building. Ernie earns the team spirit award for running back & forth for more water, limiting his creative suggestions to one, and laughing when I recommended we forego the Copacabana Beach dress code of Speedo for them as rumor had it the young men had skipped their appointments for a “Bro’zilian” prior to the trip. The man sitting under the umbrella (not in our beach group) was sorely disappointed with the news as he realized I would also pass on going topless. Ever a team player and knowing there is no I in team, the rest of the beach applauded with jubilation at my team spirit.

This was the last day on the beach. Friday evening, we returned to the condo for dinner, Opening Ceremony watching, and closing ceremonies cleaning after 3 consecutive weeks in Olympic Beaching.

Peggy Anne and I are quite the task masters when it comes to cleaning the condo which is returned to her good friends after our use. According Hubster, Peggy Anne’s sons, Ernie, and my own Son-sters; Peggy Anne and I resemble the individual below when cleaning the house.

clean up

Click here to view….it’s worth it! 


Have a great Monday!



*names changed to protect the innocent (Peggy Anne & Jackson in WHO’S Who)



  1. Kelly L McKenzie says:

    Yes! Katie is bang on. You are a hoot. As is the vid. “David, I want sea shells on the doorknobs.” Classic. Perfect timing, too. Pals coming for dinner tomorrow night. Gotta go fluff those pillows …

    • Beemie says:

      Fluff away…the credit for the video goes to Jackson. Just before the Opening Ceremonies Peggy Anne and I were running around exactly like the video…Jackson pulled it up on his phone and we were laughing on the floor…had to stop cleaning. I think that was his plan all along…no worries we had the boys up at the crack of dawn to go find the seashells for the doorknobs.

  2. Leslie Anne Tarabella says:

    You have a way of making everything fun! Love the olympic rings! And regarding your last post that I’m just now catching up on, I had a Trisha Nixon paper doll that I loved and still have the used and ragged book it came in. Ahhh. Such a pretty wedding.

  3. Mo Lux says:

    I love the sand art!! Quite the Olympic spirit in your group!! The video was quite hilarious. I’m sure my children would say that’s what I was like anytime we had our house on the market and potential buyers were coming by.

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