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A is for Accessory

No need to fear, I am no Sue Grafton nor have I ever read one of her books.

As you have probably noted I have been absent from my appointed post as creative non-fiction writer. I could make a boat load of excuses, but I’ll skip that and head right to the point of my post.


Over the course of my 23 33 43 53 years I have accumulated a variety of accessories…hats, bags, shoes, reading glasses, and jewels, both costume and the real deal.

When it comes to accessories, I would call myself a minimalist…I have worn the same earrings for the last 30 years and as bragged about in the past; the earrings still fit.


Hubster gave me the diamond studs for Christmas the year we were engaged. Us, leaving our wedding reception; the sparkle in my ear and eyes courtesy of him.

I purchased this little bracelet when I was 8 years old as a souvenir on a visit to the Basilica of Sainte Anne de Beaupré in the Province of Quebec with my family.


So far this year, Sainte Anne has been with me for seven days of testing, with six more to go, and most other school days when the opportunity to make a difference in a public school is challenging. In other words, of the 180 student days, 175 days.

I have also been spied wearing a few other accessories to school.

Image (4)

Notice that I place myself in the center of my two younger, beautiful teammates. (“A thorn between two roses” style.) The cape on my superhero costume is metaphorically in place everyday and the badge on my math police costume hangs on my teaching cart because in my own mind “I really am the Math Police”.

Peggy Anne made this photo collage of Hubster and me back on our 29th anniversary and posted it on Instagram. In the two larger photos, I am seen wearing the two sets of pearls that my mother gave to me in college. According to her, both family heirlooms from dead aunts. I still have both sets, but I don’t wear them as often.

FullSizeRender (1)

Neckwear as of late, has been rotated between a few items; however these two make an appearance on me at least once a week.Image (5)

As for hats go, I don’t like hat hair, so unless I am wearing the hat all day or it is super cold outside, I typically don’t wear hats. In the last year, I have been “paparazzi-ed” in the following hats.


In my youth, when my mother wasn’t forcing a hat on my head because it was cold and I would definitely “catch my death”, I did enjoy the three hats below.

Image (1)

In the top photo, I am the cuter, younger girl in the bonnet sitting next to Keary. The hat on Keary was handed down to me and worn a few years later. The girl in the Catholic school beanie is not me…I have no photo of me in that beanie, but I did love wearing it.

If given the opportunity, a crown on my head would always be welcome as I believe there may have been a mix up in the maternity ward for I am certain I was born a royal. Really, just ask the Hubster.


Bags, Purses, Handbags, Satchels: whatever you want to call the item…I switch between a few.

One of the thousands I have made…read about them here.DSCN0677[1]

For the occasions where one of my handmade bags just “don’t quite match”, I switch out between the two below.

black coach

br. coach

For the record, I think this photo from the past week is one of the cutest ever of the Queen (not me, see above) and her purse.


Warning loud: ADORABLE!

I always wear my watch because I hate being late.  I switch out between two that might as well be mirror images, but one slightly fancier received as a gift.

Image (2)

Eyewear: I devoted a whole post to the following accessory…sunglasses. I still wear the same brand I wore back in 1984 when my body was just a wee bit smaller in girth than it is today.



Perhaps it is just the iPhone camera that adds to the width of my body…I am going with that idea.

Unfortunately, when it comes to eyewear, age has also betrayed me when it comes to reading small print…  “readers” are found all over the house, in several key locations in my classroom, car, purse, and I have been known to sport the glasses as a headband.


When it comes to shoes, before I had children I always wore pumps to work, my favorite brand back then was Nickels…today many years post at-home motherhood, you will find me mostly in clogs, Crocs, and sandals… usually no more than 1/2″ in height.Image (3)

As I gaze into my crystal ball, 10, 20, 30 years down the road in my “accessorized” life I can only assume this will not be the spitting image of me.


Have a wonderful week!




  1. Emily says:

    What a fun post! I love seeing all the pictures of you! And that picture of the Queen was adorable!! I hope they call her something sweet like GranQueen! Ha!!

    • Beemie says:

      I do love that photo with the Queen. I wonder what they call her as well, GranQueen would be super cute. Thanks for checking in.

  2. janey says:

    OMG!!!! that pic of ya’ll leaving your wedding is priceless…..SO cute!!! plz tell me you have that framed in your house so you can look at it every dingle dangle day!! Now I have to go look at my wedding pics!

    and duh…..I really want one of your purses. Going now to look at the link. Love Love Love that purse!

    • Beemie says:

      You know that is one that we do not have framed, but maybe I will do it before our 30th in June. Good idea! Have a great day…hope all is getting back in shape at the lakehouse.

    • Beemie says:

      After a friend read my post, she stated that she has seen me sparkled out a few times so I guess I step out of the box once and a while.

  3. Kelly L McKenzie says:

    After reading your brilliant comments over at the wonders that are Mocadeaux and Preppy Empty Nester over the past months I’m finally getting my act together and popping over to connect. Hi! Great post – that photo of you with the laptop on your lap and the iPad in your hands is classic. Great accessories unto themselves.

    • Beemie says:

      Ha-ha…so glad you visited. I am trying to get my act together as this year in the teaching world has been quite challenging.

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