Eat, Beach, Love

Eat (& Drink):

Because money doesn’t grow on trees or in our bank accounts the Hubster and I have always been excellent at adhering to some simple rules when it comes to dietary concerns while on vacation:

1) The Hubster was an Eagle Scout so being prepared comes naturally. He fires the grill the evening before we leave to prepare a perfect rare to medium rare pit beef ( he wanted me to share the recipe, but you’ll have to wait for him to write a guest post) and chicken to cut up for chicken salad. We purchase just baked rolls and eat lunch for a full week by planning ahead.

These sandwiches are not our sandwiches…we eat much too fast to have time to photograph.

Thank you Pinterest.

Onions are optional.

Onions are optional.

I did have a few homegrown tomatoes to add to our sandwiches.

I did have a few homegrown tomatoes to add to our sandwiches.












2) When eating out we have a few tried, but true spots in Ocean City, Maryland:

At least once per visit to OC...excellent made fresh while you wait breakfast sandwiches...I can only eat half...really!

At least once per visit to OC…excellent made fresh while you wait breakfast sandwiches…I can only eat half…really!

The donuts are hot and dipped waist and the rest of my body can honestly state I ate none this time around. Everything in moderation.

The donuts are hot and dipped fresh…my waist and the rest of my body can honestly state I ate none this time around. Everything in moderation.














Salsa made fresh daily...rock fish tacos are delicious!

Salsa made fresh daily…rock fish tacos are delicious!  Refreshing Margaritas. I love the name…To Kill a Mockingbird, one of my favorite classic reads.



Dine in or outside on the canal

Dine in or outside on the canal

This beauty was not on our table however we had our fair share and quite frankly when the Sons-sters or Peggy Anne’s boys join us I feel fairly certain we come out ahead. 

We are hesitant when it comes to all you can eat crab places, but there is a full menu and the crabs have never let us down.

We are hesitant when it comes to all you can eat crab places, but there is a full menu and the crabs have never let us down.


3) Many morning and nights we eat at home. Boring, but here are the details….

*On the menu:

Breakfast → cereal, Prize Winning Blueberry Coffee Cake (I have not won a prize that is the title of the recipe.), eggs, toast, bagels and sometimes we just skip it.

Dinner → chicken Alfredo, chicken quesadilla with rice and beans, chili dogs, pork barbecue with macaroni and cheese, meatballs marinara with pasta and garlic bread, tomato mozzarella caprese…there is more, but it has all become a blur.

*We employ the method of closing our eyes while eating thus no weight gain will occur…try it.



4) If we can make our own coffee or it is free from the hotel, we do not buy coffee.

This rule is broken when I can obtain a Funky Funabla from Marylou’s Coffee or Mocha Coolatta when there is a Dunkin’ Donuts within a five mile block walking radius.

Only when in Massachusetts...the nieces and nephews are to blame for this addiction

Only when in Massachusetts…the nieces and nephews are to blame for this addiction

Walking to and from burns the calories.

Walking to and from burns the calories…really!!












2) We bring plenty of bottled water if driving…saves us from stopping for a beverage and forces us to stop and stretch our legs to use the restroom.

We are not brand loyal…water is water.



3) I do not drink soda…except when I am sitting on the beach.

One 12-pack cans of Caffeine Free Pepsi is purchased prior to going to the beach…I am not able to explain why this is a must have, but it needs to be icy cold and I only drink one per day.  All other times of the year…seriously I do not drink or care for soda…go figure.

The beach drink of champions.

The beach drink of champions…Yes, I took this photo.

4) Our refrigerator is usually stocked with other beverages we enjoy and we have been known to visit a sunset venue for a happy hour beverage. A DJ from our college days was featured at MR Ducks on this evening so we enjoyed libation and the company of Peggy Anne’s younger sister and her family.

No sunset yet….

L-R: Carrie Lee, Beemie and Peggy Anne. All girls in her family have two first names

L-R: Carrie Lee, Beemie and Peggy Anne.
All girls in their family have two first names.

LADIES AND GENTLEMAN (not a typo…I think the only male reading this is a relative.):


I do not pretend to be a photographer nor do I play one on TV, but…

Sunset 2014

thank goodness I still have the teaching gig come fall and will not be relying on residuals from this photo.


We are set in our ways when it comes to spending time on the beach.

1) Our piece of sand is claimed early and often…when the Hubster is in town, he loads our beach cart for the day. He knows I love the beach and I am his reason for being… He can be heard muttering the following phrase: Happy Wife, Happy Life while helping me apply sunscreen…when a dose of the phrase and sunscreen are applied liberally we have a marvelous day.

Likeness of our addition to the chairs, Hubster can load, cooler, two umbrellas and two shovels.

Likeness of our cart…in addition to the chairs, Hubster can load, cooler, two umbrellas and two shovels.

2) Chair positioned toward the ocean.

3) Sandcastle building commences early in the day…but if you are a follower you already know this..if this is your first visit read here and here.

4) Lots of reading material…I hoard save all of my magazine subscriptions for months prior to a planned trip, load the kindle and bring at least two/three old school books…I only tote two mags and one book in the beach bag each day…I don’t want my arms to become “over” toned.


I do not have a subscription to People, but when I saw that photos of Katie Couric’s wedding were a feature I splurged and saved for the beach.  

My Kindle in photo, Hubster’s is camera-shy (couldn’t find it).

The In-Fisherman is the Hubster’s subscription, I am still trying to recover from the “fishing garden incident” earlier in the spring. The rest of the mags and books belong to me.

The Hubster reads In-Fisherman and has his own Kindle... the rest are my choices.

4) People watching…it is difficult to not do this. Some are extremely fit in their wise swimsuit choices. I must admit I am a bit envious which leads to thoughts of exercise and diet. (Those thoughts quickly pass.) For others, it is hard to un-see some of the bathing suit choices on certain body types. This may appear judgmental and I will not judge: you saw what Kiley did to Peggy Anne and me with the Telescope photo. More so I am curious if there were no mirrors at the store where purchased, a trusted shopping friend perhaps forgot his/her glasses when asked for their opinion before buying or spandex can handle only so much before  it just blows a gasket or two. I had to replace a three-year old Land’s End slender swimsuit myself this year.

See the stretch marks in the elastic…many gaskets exploded.




This is where I become sappy.  The Hubster has always put me first…I know this and how can I not love him for it. We make a wonderful team and both of us believe we could win the Amazing Race because we work so well together. (Amazing Race contestant video still in the works as soon as we get in shape and have the ability to devote 40 days away from work. I have summers off, he is another story.)

1) He will collect shells with me…We started this when the Son-sters were little boys. I still bring a few home and Hubster does not complain.

The Son-sters used to locate small shells with a tiny hole at the top like the one, third row from the top on the left. I would string 4 to 6 shells on a herring bone yellow gold chain that the Hubster gave me when I delivered our first-born. (I pushed for three hours, but who’s counting.) I wore the chain like that all fall until the shells fell or disintegrated.

I no longer continue this practice because: a) the Son-sters grew tired of this activity as they became teens and b) the gold chain was removed from my home when a burglar decided  to visit while we were at work one day last year…Humpf! …I guess this is not sappy and burglary still stings.


Shells 2014

 2) While visiting the Family Matriarch at her beach home I remembered collecting beach glass with her years ago. While walking along I found a few pieces on the shore and then while shell collecting in OC I picked up a few more pieces. The Hubster gave me a look which I quickly translated to mean: “Oh no..she is starting another craft!” I was able to ease his mind when I told him I would be giving the pieces to the art teacher at my school because she is quite the creative “artiste”  when it comes to making jewelry.  I only wish I had found more, but I didn’t want to put on my regular glasses when on the beach. Once again the Hubster did not complain.


I think the green piece near the top reminds me of the shape of the state on South Carolina…yes, I am wearing my glasses!


JM…lucky you…beach glass headed your way…the pieces look better in real life…

3) The Hubster knows I need my family time, my friend time and my beach time. He was with me for most, but spending time the last week with Peggy Anne means that he did not get to enjoy my company for a whole week…he did not complain.

4)He has just arrived home from a long day at work as I write this post…it is summer when I do most of the cooking…there is no dinner and he did not complain.

Everyone who knows him, loves him…but I love him a little more.





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