What’s new?…

…honestly, not much!

I can’t believe it has been two weeks since I wrote a post. Downton Abbey came to an end. House of Cards has started anew…we have had time to watch only two episodes. I have a list of movies a mile long that I would like to watch, but have not been in the mood to view as it was difficult to stay awake just to watch my much beloved Downton say goodbye.

In addition, I have survived another round of testing for my students…truthfully; all I did was administer the test, but I feel like I have been through battle. I tried to stay positive for them, but mentally I left school each day…drained, thus not one word was produced for my blog.

Spring is in the air. The weather this past week was summer-like. I even wore a pair of capris…no worries I did shave my legs for the occasion. Peggy Anne came for a visit…she was in town to visit her mother who is recovering from a recent illness, but we did get to chat, & chat, & chat while Hubster fell asleep to the blissful hum of our voices.

Today is Pi Day so that means I can run a repeat post for my #2 who celebrates 25 years of being our son…since he lives about 5 hours away this pie will, once again, have to suffice for a birthday cake….



Even though you are 25,

I still see my little boy.


Always a big smile…and you were such a great sleeper. (not sarcasm)

I still see the boy who was fearless.

At four years old when you didn’t meet the height requirement for Space Mountain, you tried to talk your way onto the ride with your roller coaster resume. “…but mister I have been on the Comet at Hershey Park, the Grizzly at Kings Dominion and the Loch Ness Monster at Busch Gardens…please, I am tall enough…please, let me ride.”  Those Disney attendants are sticklers for the rules.


The only photo of you on a roller coaster. You and your brother…hands in the air…me…holding on for dear life, but my teeth look nice and white.

I still see the boy who carried and swung the clubs, but was way more interested in driving the cart.


No you never drove the cart, but you certainly wanted to try. …………… “If my feet reach the pedals, why can’t I drive?”

I still see the boy who believed in Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy…even though that pesky tooth fairy forgot to take the tooth from under your pillow and somehow left the dollar bill in my wallet a few times …That was so strange!


Your musical career was 4 short years, but when you practiced at home it seemed more like a decade.

I still see the boy who never took no for an answer. At 16, you wanted me to use my credit card to purchase something on the internet. You said, holding the cash in your hand, ” Mom…I have the money right here…all you have to do is let me use your credit card number to buy this ___________ . It will be fine.” I stood my ground and said, “NO!”

You got your bike and helmet out of the shed and said your were going for a ride. Two hours later you returned.

“Mom, I opened a student banking account at Bank of ____________. I will have my debit card in 7 to 10 business days.”

While I was not thrilled with this little venture into the world of quasi-credit I knew you were going to be okay.

Nothing could hold you back.


Not even the stocks…for the record this is Disney…our stocks had smaller holes…just kidding.

 I see  the man who has made his way in the world and will continue to do so.


iPhone photo…always adds 15 pounds and years on me…for some reason it doesn’t do this to anyone else.

Happy 25th!

Love, Mom

Oh and your father says Happy Birthday too!



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