Prepping for…

… Daylight Savings Time.

I can’t believe that it has been two weeks since I last wrote a post. I do not like to make excuses, but the truth is, the combination of life, school, teaching, and school have prevented me from writing. I am currently re-reading two books.

charlotte doyle

tolivers secret

Yes, try not to be jealous…the glamourous life of a teacher finds me deeply embedded in both texts. It seems that simply reading a book for the joy of reading and comprehension is no longer the norm….I am charged with seeking deeper meaning, by “over-analyzing” these two books to the point of nausea and burnout.

In addition, a round of testing just took place; which brings tears (and not just for me). Fortunately, I had a saint on my side.



This sweet little bracelet was purchased by me at the age of eight on a family vacation to Canada. I don’t like to brag, but the bracelet does still fit my wrist. Each day that I have had to bring my students to test in the computer lab I wear the bracelet, for obvious reasons (keeping my job in a public school), I do not mention the fact that the entire time they are testing I am praying and furiously rubbing the blue relic. If you look carefully at the little blue gem which contains a raised image of Sainte Anne, you will note that I have worn away some of the blue color.

For two of the last few Saturdays, I have attended two classes in the hopes of improving my future instruction in science and adding a credential to my teaching certification. This credential will only be added after I take a state mandated test. At least I know what accessory I will be wearing on the day of the test.


The science class took place at the Benajmin Banneker Museum in Catonsville, MD. Here I am, with Banneker. My dress code for the day was wake up, brush hair, brush teeth, choose from several pairs of yoga pants, top with turtleneck, and call it perfect.

All of this has left me little time to write freely…oh, I have been writing, just not here…In case you are wondering, I have written multiple lesson plans for reading and math, reflections on teaching and learning, a lesson plan for an observation, and extensive notes to help me study for the test. I do not have a test date set, but will be looking into that this week.

I do hope I have not bored you to death…I have intentions of getting back to my blog. There are a few bumps in the road at present. Avoiding the potholes will be key to getting back to what I love to do.

The one good thing about this level of exhaustion is that it has allowed me to prepare for daylight savings time…since I am going to bed at 8 pm, in two weeks it will be 9 pm and I will not need to adjust my bedtime schedule.  A silver lining can be found almost anywhere.

Have a great week!


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  1. janey says:

    Guess what daylight savings time means????? SPRING BREAK!!!! Hopefully, soon, you’ll have a break so you can breathe in, breathe out and chill for a bit.

    You sound so much like me when I was teaching….never a free moment without lesson plans to be made or papers to grade..believe me, one day when you have decided to retire, it will all be a blur. Promise!!

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