Sew little time…

…sew much fabric!

I have written about my affection for sewing and fabric in the past (here, here, here, and I won’t bore you with more heres). It is rare for me to meet a fabric I don’t like, although I do not care for the passing trend of using burlap to decorate in the home.

I have a good deal of fabric, some of it purchased, some of it leftover from a specific project, and some from a friend of the Family Matriarch, who has a decorator connection where they give her all the discontinued fabric samples.  There is always a good reason to shop for fabric.

buying fabric


Around Christmas, I was beginning to think about what I would make for this year’s Project Snow Day aka donation to my school’s Spring PTA Auction. Over the winter break I promised myself, that I needed to organize my fabric stash. I kept the promise which led to the next promise spoken aloud, “You need to start sewing with this fabric or you will end up dying and the fabric will go to someone else; maybe even the trash.”

whining fabric

Contrary to popular belief, “She who dies with the largest fabric stash does not win!”

sewing mom

This is not my mother, but it reminds me of my first memories of watching my mother sew. She replaced the foot pedal version with a Singer sometime in the late 60’s.

When we cleaned out my childhood home, I inherited a very large collection of buttons, notions, fabric (I disposed of the fabric with dry rot.), and an old sewing machine much like the one above.  My mother also had her PhD in sewing, so there was a multitude of projects half done. I swore I would never end up in that situation and thus far all projects that were started are finished, however the fabric closet in my garage might claim otherwise.

In order to get a jump on Project Snow Day; especially if there would be no snow days. I started to play plan with the fabric.  Mother Nature then cooperated with the plan. We had our record-breaking snow event a few weeks back and a whole week with no school. I had already started sewing prior to the storm, but with nothing to do and nowhere to go I really took advantage. I was out of school for 10 full days including the weekends. In between texting my colleagues about snow day closings & other school related issues, baking, cooking dinner, and binge watching a few TV shows. I sewed. Hubster watched each day as the pile of handbags and completed projects became bigger. Finally he said, “What are you going to do with all those bags, dog bandanas, and doll bedding sets?”

quilt shop

This could be Hubster, but let me repeat, “ONE closet in the garage, get off my back!”

Several years ago, I had an Etsy shop which I never closed. It just sat idle on the World Wide Web. I had sold a few bags and a few of the other crafty items I created, but fortunately for me and our bank account, I was never counting on making big bucks. The majority of the items were eventually given as gifts to my sisters, nieces, friends, and colleagues.

Now you may have figured out the answer to Hubster’s question; I posted the items on Etsy. Self-promotion, when money is involved has never been my thing. Honestly, I feel awkward letting friends know about my Etsy shop because I don’t believe I should profit from friendship and I know that my sewing is not everyone’s taste. I do count my readers as friends so while I am going to post the link to my shop I truly want you to know this is not about making a profit, it is about you looking at what I have been doing since the beginning of 2016…sort of my New Year’s resolution.

Hubster is certainly happy that I am sewing because he thought he was going to have to call in the Sons-sters for a fabric intervention.


fabric hoarder

Again, my fabric is in one closet organized by color, texture, and size. Occasionally some it manages to hang out in my sewing room a little too long. I can’t help it if it wants to be close to me.

A few of my friends have already called “dibs” on a few of the bags if they don’t sell. Of course, my sisters and nieces may have first choice; my friends understand. Perhaps if I am lucky some of the bags will sell like the last time, but trust me when you search handmade handbags on Etsy you find over 50,000 bags on 250 pages; lots of competition. As far as the dog bandanas, I haven’t posted those to Etsy yet, but I do have a few models that were gifts to a few lucky dogs:

Zelda* is wearing an off-white pin wheel blue and green quilt fabric. According to her owner, she is now the most popular dog on the block.


Maxine*, loves her red and white lattice bandana that she wore for the family Christmas card photo.


You might remember Todd from Snowlapalooza ’16 fame….this photo featured Todd in his everyday outerwear.


Yes, it was practical, but it didn’t bring out the color of his coat.

Todd in a traditional green bandana I sewed for him…I think he is relocating to Boston soon, so he is ready for the St. Patrick’s Day celebration.


His owner stated she received a few thousand likes on social media when she posted this photo…I am not surprised.

The bandanas are reversible so these dogs don’t have to worry about getting caught in the same bandana every day. I am sorry to all the other dogs who did not make the cut today, especially Louisa*, as she owns several bandanas. Louisa’s owner needs to send an updated photo, hint, hint!

Here are the bags I posted on Etsy…

Image (1)

Image (2)

Image (3)

If you are curious and want to see different views: Beemie Bags

Today, is President’s Day. I should be sewing, but I am catching up on school work as that pays the bills and provides the health insurance. The sewing room sits idle in its sweatshop motif. Just wait until next weekend.

I am watching the snow fall out my window right now, so who knows, maybe another snow day tomorrow.

We shall sew see.


*Dogs names changed to protect their identities…Todd has a social media presence so he is good with his name being out there.


  1. Leslie Anne Tarabella says:

    I don’t sew much, but I still have buttons and wooden spooled thread from my Grandmother and my husband’s Grandmother. I love seeing them in my sewing box when I’m poking through it.
    Love Todd’s name (says the woman with a dog named Doug).

    • Beemie says:

      I have a few wooden spools from my mother also and I do love looking at them. Doug is another great dog name, I just tried to convince a colleague who just brought home a new boxer pup to name her dog, Chuck. It seems Blue won out in the name department.

  2. Mo at Mocadeaux says:

    The handbags are beautiful! I loved sewing in home ec class (dating myself here…) but haven’t done much since then. I just might have to dust off the old machine and make something VERY simple for my grandsons!

    • Beemie says:

      Thanks for taking a look. I love sewing and I hope I can make something for my grandchildren someday. I can’t wait to hear about your projects.

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