My Punny…


I popped over to Pinterest for some Valentine pinspiration. As I perused  the pickings and pondered the particulars of each Pin;  it occurred to me that Valentine’s Day is very punny. I had never given it much thought, but I was quite amused by the profusion of pun fun. Thus today’s post features a pun-filled plethora of prose with a proclivity for passion.

I must admit the math teacher in me uses this little triangulated gem whenever I teach Geometry.

…because it’s hip to be square a triangle with angles measuring less than 90 degrees.

For the healthy eater…


Hubster makes my morning coffee, so when he asks this question my answer is…


“Why still asleep, of course?”

Just when you were going to silently correct someone’s grammar…


Sweet…the correct form of “you’re”.

…And again…You’re correct.


Nice play on words…very punny!

Who can say no to pizza?


Actually my thighs begged me to say no to pizza…I didn’t listen.

Once again the correct use of “you’re” …obviously, this one is for the smart spouse who knows his child bride is his better half.

butter half

Please note the half is only implied…I am more the nine-tenths “brains” of the operation on the left.

Hubster thought the one below was a good one for us…

I suggested he speak for himself in the “old and wilted” department.


Love you Hubster, no matter how old and wilted you become, while I continue to be your beautiful child bride.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Weekend!






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