Much ado…

…about Something

As you may or may not have noticed I haven’t posted in a couple of three weeks. I wish I could tell you that I have been on a fabulous cruise in the Caribbean, dashing to NYC for shopping and a show, or a Powerball winner living incognito just waiting to spend my millions, but the reality is more the catchphrase of my blog…I have been Milking the Mundane and more.

Without entirely boring you with a bulleted list of what I have been “up to” let just say three words: REPORT CARD COMMENTS. Those three words leave my brain completely void of all “creative non-fiction” writing skills.

This morning however, I have awakened to the sweet voice of Hubster wooing me from my slumber to say, “You have a two-hour delay.” Let me just say that this is a good thing, for now I have two hours in which nothing was planned, but to do my regularly scheduled job as teacher. To fill this void in time I am able to finally write a post. I’m sure you’re thinking as you read (and I thank you for doing so), “She should have stayed in bed.”

No worries there, I am still in my pajamas. I think adding the yoga (started last week) to my “once a week” Zumba is finally paying off.

pajama selfie

If only the above were true…. reality stinks!early wake up

I am currently watching the Today Show, my favorite morning news program. I digress, but at one point in my life I thought I was going to be the next Jane Pauley…jane pauley

…instead of the above cast of characters, I opted for this group below.


The closest I ever came to Jane was similar hair.

Anyway, we are expecting a BLIZZARD tomorrow evening and through the weekend. My colleague has texted this image to our teaching team every day since Saturday.


Needless to say, not only is she a weather nerd, but one who gives hope to the hopeless.

If I don’t lose power, then hopefully I will have another post from ground zero of the storm. I am stopping by church on my way to school to light a candle and pray we don’t lose power. When I think about all the Real Housewives of Somewhere that I can catch up on watching on a snow day, well let’s just say it makes me giddy.

Have a wonderful Thursday and if you are one to light a candle, even the Yankee kind, perhaps the power will be with me.



  1. janey says:

    Hey!!!! I’ll even light a coonass candle for ya!!! They carry extra mojo in them. One of the best “Prepper” things my husband has done in getting ready for the end of the world was to have one of those huge generators wired into our house so when power goes out….which happens often here in the boonies….the generator immediately kicks in And it will run my whole house and I think it’s the most romantic gesture he’s ever done!!
    Cuz you know this girl needs her microwave and hair dryer in the most dire circumstances. Good Luck to ya. Cannot even imagine that much snow or even temps low enough to have it stick to the ground!! (spoken like a true coonass!)
    BUT…..allejuiah!!!!!! SNOW DAY!! A day off with no reason to do sub plans or make up what you missed while out!!!!!!!!! Best days off EVER!!!! Stay warm!

  2. Mo at Mocadeaux says:

    Our family is heading to Disney World this weekend. We have been worried about the weather since folks are coming from Boston, D.C., Chicago and Nashville. My sister-in-law is currently on an 18 hour Amtrak ride with her son because their flight was cancelled. Here’s to a snow day WITH power!!

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