Another Retirement…

…still not me!


I do remember the mimeograph…why is it I can’t retire?…Oh yeah, health insurance.

A few weeks back…specifically, November 25, 2015, one of my teaching colleagues, Mo*, declared she would retire as of the end of 2015.  I immediately determined that a party was necessary; however if you remember at the time I had some medical issues to address so I wasn’t certain if it would be me that would host the party. Once a clean bill of health was declared, I went into full party mode. Ugh, once again I was so busy with the merriment that only a few photos to capture the event were taken.

A little sign I posted outside in case she didn’t know the way…


Teachers are fabulous givers and offered so much to contribute toward the party. Another of my teaching team members organized the gift and our art teacher painted a one of a kind Chanticleer, our mascot, for the retiree. The entire staff signed the mat which framed the beautiful painting.

The brunch took place at my home and 22 of my colleagues, as well as a few retirees joined in the “festivus retirus“. I love to entertain during the holidays because quite honestly half the work is done: the tree (actually two trees) is up, the knickknacks are out, the good silver and dishes are “spit-shined” (don’t worry guests, spit is only used figuratively), and I am usually in a party mood (even though I have to go to school for three more days until break).

A Noble Faux Fur Fir

The Mini-tree…real


Our Mantel aka Stockings Hung by the Chimney with Care



So enough about me…this day was to honor our colleague. Mo* taught for 23 years, although she began her career back in 1972. In 2009, when I started my second career, I was inspired not only by her professionalism, but by her devotion to her students and the fact she too came back to work after many years at home raising her family. She was such an excellent example of what a teacher should be that her own daughter went on to become a teacher and how lucky are we that her daughter teaches in our school.

A Cake Cutting


The cake was spectacular…I can’t take credit.

Teachers Extraordinaire


Mo is front and center…her granddaughter next to her, her daughter standing behind left and her husband, sitting on the sofa… “That’s right Bill*, Mo will be home every day starting Thursday.”

Everyone who knows her loves her and her legacy will continue, for every time one of her students reaches a goal it will be because of the foundations she provided and the difference she made in a child’s life.

mo copy

Best Wishes Mo…you will be missed! And honestly the majority of us wish we were going with you. I swear I would make an excellent “lady who lunches”.


* Names changed to protect the innocent and soon-to-be retired


  1. Leslie Anne @ Fairhope Supply Co. says:

    Ha! When I “retired” from teaching (after only a few years) I gave away some of the things that were handed down to me by my mother, and one of the recipients asked what kind of printer they came from. — A mimeograph machine!
    So glad you had a good time. You’re a great friend!

  2. janey says:

    How many times did I walk out of workroom with mimeograph ink all over me??!!!! Oh my….have not thought of that if forever!
    One more thing we have in common….I stayed home 8 yrs to take care of my babies before going back to the classroom…..boy, oh boy….had it ever changed!!
    It was always my job to host the retirement parties and they never failed to make me reflect and appreciate the wonderful world of teaching.
    (easy for me to say that now since “I’m” retired too!)

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