O’ Christmas Card,…

O’ Christmas Card,

How beautiful your branches of the US Post Office will be when I march right in with stamps firmly in place  to send the one ounce beauties to family and friends homes for Christmas and no, not if only in my dreams.

This accomplishment brings me tidings of great joy, for since I started teaching I have never been able to mail my cards before the 21st of December.

So just exactly how did I achieve this goal…well, it all started back in June, exactly one day after the last day of school. In this post,  I wrote about dashing through the snow into the crawl space of our house. While there I found a box of unused years past Christmas cards, still in beautiful condition. I had about five to six cards in each box. I was going to donate to Goodwill toward men, but then I thought, Noel, I am not going to buy cards this yearAnd there it was, way back June that I determined, it was beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Two Frosty the Snowmen and more than one Partridge in a Pear Tree


Technically one is a dove, but I don’t know any Christmas songs with dove in the lyrics.

I also found this box of cards which featured the last year we had a family photo on our card of us standing in front of the stockings hung by the chimney with care. Son-ster #1 entered college the next year and was too busy Rockin’ Around the university to grace our family photo card. By the time #2 went away to college it was hard to have them in the same room at one time nevermind childen stopping to have a picture taken.


Since this card states Merry Christmas 2006 or happy golden days of yore, I will not send this, but I intend to have one framed for each of the Son-sters…sorry for the spoiler boys.

 Thanksgiving 2015

IMG_2031 (1)

Hubster has a better photo; this is from my iPhone.

Anyway the cards will be on their way and in case you didn’t or don’t hear receive from me; have a holly jolly Christmas this year. Relax, I’ve got plenty more rock in my Jingle Bells repertoire.



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