‘Tis the Season…

…to celebrate my birth.


Where does the time go? I can’t believe this year passed so quickly…it seems my mother was correct:short days

I completed most of the celebrating over of the weekend…Friday evening I attended a fundraiser Christmas Bazaar…

Sip & Shop

FullSizeRender (6)

Perhaps in these photos, created by Peggy Anne, it seems we sipped more than shopped, but trust me…shopping happened. Top left: clockwise, me with the signature beverage and bonus gift glass or two,… Peggy Anne and Phyllis (an acquaintance from our time living at the beach during college), Pegs and J, friends since 1977…the girls, K. me, Pegs, and J…

Saturday was a day to deck the halls…I am still not done, but getting close…photos to come. On Saturday night, Hubster and I reconnected with some old friends…we had a wonderful dinner at their home, thanks again to Rex and Nina. I didn’t take one photo because once we entered their home we didn’t stop talking long enough to remember to take a photo…next time.

Sunday, Peggy Anne joined the Hubster and I for a birthday brunch at a local place we had never tried…this little brunch gem is only a mile from our home.

It is very unassuming, but the brunch was fabulous…so many choices…will definitely go again.

Look at this young couple spotted enjoying brunch…


Oh yes, that is us…I think we need to get a better camera…one that makes us look younger, slimmer, and doesn’t create the shadow on my eye…focus would be nice, as well.

Back at home, Peggy Anne insisted we have our annual stand somewhere in my living room birthday photo.


Amazing how we haven’t changed one bit in 34 years…


See what I mean…the years and pounds have been kind.

A little hint to the Hubster….

blue ring

I have already received multiple birthday greetings, so I am feeling quite special. It seems even a small internet company recognizes my birthday as well…maybe you have heard of this company…


Have a great day!



  1. Mo at Mocadeaux says:

    Happy birthday!! How great to have a “go to” brunch place in your neighborhood! And I know what you mean about taking pictures at your friends house. Sometimes we are so busy living our life that we forget to get photos so we can write about it!

  2. janey says:

    awwwww……sorry I missed your birthday….hope it was a good one. Looks like it was!!! WoooooHoooo!!
    Mine is soon. Really want to dismiss it this yr~~

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