Belly Laughs …

…and Mushrooms

Lately, I haven’t had too much to really laugh about…work has been brutal (my students are great), work comes home, and of course you know, I recently lost a friend. Laughter has been my “go to” oasis. I can usually find fun in just about everything. Finding the fun in everything has also gotten me into trouble, but I’ll try not to dwell on that.

This morning while doing my usual…reading blog posts, checking email, and mentally preparing myself for another weekday in paradise. I was reading the news feed. I came across a hilarious article. In fact, it was so funny (to me) that my belly felt like I had completed 100 three sit-ups (about all I can do without keeling over in pain). I will share the article in a link below. While reading the piece, I was reminded me of my own naiveté.

sneak behind the barn

Who knew Johnny and I had something in common.

Even though I grew up on the not so mean streets of Boston, I was one of those kids who was fearful of making bad choices. I avoided drugs and hanging out, even though from afar, I wished I were one of the “cool kids”.


Early on in college, I stopped playing basketball. Playing the sport didn’t mean as much to me as it had in the past and college-level course-work was much more challenging than I anticipated. Since my teammates were my friends and they were at practice or games when it was time for dinner, I found myself scrambling for a place to sit in the cafeteria. Honestly, everyone was very cordial and for a time I flitted from table to table. One evening, none of the “usuals” were in the cafeteria. I went to the salad bar and determined that if I couldn’t find a table where I could sit I would take the salad back to my room. At the salad bar, a girl who sat in the back of my statistics class began chatting with me. I asked if I could join her and she was most agreeable even though we never chatted in class.

salad bar

Salad bars were just becoming popular when I was in college.

At first, we sat at the table alone, then a few other girls I didn’t know joined us. They also had salads and we were chatting about non-consequential topics. Suddenly, as I chomped on the croutons, savored my sunflower seeds, and munched on the marinated mushrooms; the topic seemed to move to salad. Okay, I thought another safe topic. Clearly, I wasn’t really paying attention to their conversations because suddenly when in a moment of camaraderie I proclaimed, “I love mushrooms!” The table became silent. I heard, “Wow, we didn’t expect that from you!”

Now I was puzzled, had my finicky eating past come to haunt me…had I shared a story of sitting at the kitchen table as a child staring at the cold carrots for hours, willing those little orange circles to fall on the floor so that our dog, Le Pew would dive in and save the day. The dog hated vegetables, so no such luck.

Finally, the shock seemed to wear off and the girls began to be a bit more inquisitive about the mushrooms. The whole time I was thinking…there’s a whole vat of mushrooms sitting on the salad bar, was this really a big mystery?

All of a sudden, they realized that we were not talking about the same kind of mushrooms…Honestly, I had never even heard of that kind of  “drug” mushroom. The girl in the back of my statistics class, looked at me a bit disapprovingly. Needless to say when I left the table, I had my “bean sprouts” between my legs.

I found an equally naive group of girls to sit with for the rest of my college years.

While this is no belly laugh, I did find a real belly laugh in the following article. I hope you check it out.

netflix and chill

Happy Friday!








  1. Leslie Anne @ Fairhope Supply Co. says:

    You and I could have sat at the same table. I once asked an older girl who said she was going to spike the punch at the dance if she had, “put some spike in the punch.” Geez!

    I’m going to check out your link now to the story. Hope you have a peaceful, fun-filled weekend!

  2. Nana Diana says:

    You and I were a lot alike as youngsters, Beemie. Sometimes I still get red-faced thinking of something I said that was “dumb” back then. lol
    Live and learn…oh and I had a way of mispronouncing words too, back then. That was always a delight when someone would catch me up short and correct me. lol xo Diana

  3. janey says:

    Um…..I was kind of a hippie during the college years and even tho I wasn’t into the drug scene, I definitely knew all about it…Going now to read your article.
    Oh…..and I would give anything to have some of my bell bottoms and crop tops back from those years long long ago!!
    Hoping your school is out all week and you get to relax a bit and chill.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you, my friend!!

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