The Clock:

Friend or Foe?

Some view the clock or time as an enemy…I view it as a friend. It brings order to my life. I learned to tell time on an analog clock exactly like the one below. Way back then, had you yelled to me from another room in my childhood home, “What time is it?” My reply in an equally loud voice would have been, “11:57”.

tea kettle clock

This clock was the focal point hanging on a dark wood panel wall between two kitchen windows.

Since I believe you also know how to tell time, let me explain the discrepancy if you are reading 12:13. The Milkman, (my father) set our clock 15 minutes fast. This habit was a constant until he could no longer set the clock on his own. The reason: we would not be late…for anything; church, school, work, dental appointments, music lessons, sports, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, choir practice, and especially dinner. Lateness was not only frowned upon, it was practically considered the eighth deadly sin.

Don’t get me wrong I have been late, but I usually tell people if I am more than 5 minutes late you might want to call the police to check on my well-being as not only am I on time, I am usually early. Over the course of my adult life when invited to a social gathering at another’s home I often have to sit in the car around the corner as I am usually early.

All of the above being said, I treasure time…especially free time. I have a full-time job for 190 days per year. The job not only consumes all of those days, but most others including weekends, holidays, and summers. When I am shopping in store and come across an item on clearance that is deeply discounted, I think, how can I use this in my classroom? I don’t want to brag, but I have a reputation among the students for having “THE BEST” Prize Box.


This photo was taken at the beginning of the school year. Closer to Christmas I had three full size nutcrackers that I bought for 50 cents each at Michael’s after Christmas last year.

This week, with our historic Snowlapalooza ’16, I was actually given the gift of time. I had nowhere to go, I am planned well ahead for teaching, and our house had power during the entire event. I do not return to school until Monday due to snow removal issues. I have been so productive this week with things I have been wanting to do. I had already started working on these projects during my winter break, but this week I really made progress. I am not going to share all my projects now, but sometime soon.

Never underestimate the gift of time! And…here’s a hint!

messy sewing room




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