I wish this post was so much more than it will be, as you (hopefully) continue to read. I do not like to make excuses and my goodness, I have lots to say or should I say write, but lately this whole being a teacher thing has consumed my entire being. I did have some free time this weekend to enjoy life, but I have not had time to write about it. If you are a friend of any public school teacher who is responsible for math and reading curriculum then you have heard that life in public school has changed. Since I want to keep my job I cannot comment further….let me just say,

a diamond

Hopefully my diamond wil re-emerge soon.

Back to curriculum…



  1. janey says:

    I understand completey. Both on the overload of work and planning and one the keeping your mouth shut!!!!
    Been there, done that. Even tho I wasn’t so good on the keeping my mouth shut….

  2. Nana Diana says:

    Beemie- Thanks for the update and just letting us know that you are okay – just busy. Thanks, too, for all your sweet visits to my blog and your comments. They are much appreciated. Looking forward to when your life slows a bit and you can get back to blogging more. xo Diana

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