Who’s Who Wednesday #6

…A niece and three nephews

The Family Matriarch (my parents’ first child) and Kitchen King (her husband) have four children. I was a frequent babysitter to most of them and enjoyed many family holidays with them. Although time spent together in recent years has been less frequent, when we do get together it is as if no time has passed and not a beat has been missed. All of them are near and dear to me and I am grateful for their friendship and hospitality.


I know you would like your own copy of Who’s Who among AMD, but it was a limited publication so make sure you check out the WHO’s Who page for more of my family, friends and cast of characters who have crossed my path in life.

Hot off the keyboard are the newest members of the Who’s Who page.


My lovely niece and namesake. She is recently engaged to Brad. Wedding date and place TBD. Cee has an adorable c & Bson, Brendan. Cee was my playmate when she came just seven years after me…she was the little sister my mother never had. Cee is the FM and KK’s first-born.

Cee, I am sure you were hoping for a more graphic bio, but I thought I’d leave out the altar fainting for both of us at my wedding. It runs in the family…darn genes!







Fun fact: We share the same wedding anniversary 16 years apart. Of course, they chose this date because they wanted to be like us.

Jay, is my nephew and the little brother my parents never had…we used to play with blocks for hours on end when I was his babysitter. He is married to Patience (who I hear loves her blog name). Patience is a teacher like me so we speak the same alphabetical language of most educators. We have incredible intuition for spotting behaviors of ADHD, ADD, and OCD from a mile away. Jay and Patience have three charming children, Joshua, Scarlett, and Jake. While Jay is the first-born son of the FM and KK, he knows his real place is #4. Way to let others shine, Jay.



Fun Fact: Their wedding anniversary falls on the Hubster’s birthday. The admiration for us is overwhelming.

Martin, my nephew, was born to the FM and KK when I was a freshman in high school. He was a bit more of a challenge to watch back in those days. In case the Son-sters are wondering, I grew eyes in the back of my head when Martin began to walk.. Martin is married to Leslie. They have two boisterous and belly laughing boys, Link and Mason. There is no need to read between the lines, you can read about Link in the sandcastle challenge.

Leslie knows her food groups, how to manage her kids (three if you include Martin) and can still play basketball well enough to block a three-point shot.



Who doesn’t love clambake flavored ice cream?

Adamo, my nephew, was born when I was a senior in high school. He was so cute and was a man of few words as a young child. Sweetheart (my mother) was watching the FM and KK’s children one day (kind of rare). Adamo was about 4 and I happened to be home from college. For some reason, the other children must have been making requests of Sweetheart all day. She was a bit impatient with them, “I only have two hands”  could be heard frequently.  Adamo, though quiet, was sharp-eyed and eared. He picked up on this phrase. At dinner that evening, someone asked him to pass the salt; with his mop of blond hair, he turned, put his two hands out in front of him and shouted, “Two hands!”. I don’t think he quite grasped that if the two hands were available he should be using them to pass the salt. You probably had to be there, but given it was the first time I heard him speak, it was hysterical.

Adamo is quite a talented chef, he works in Boston’s Back Bay, and he speaks quite fluently today.

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