Moves like…



…or Elaine?


A parent from our school is a Zumba instructor. Two weeks ago she started teaching a class after school for teachers. As I have written in the last several months, I am trying to lose some weight. I have been eating healthier and exercising more often, but I know it’s not enough so I thought, “Hey, this could be fun! (?)”

I have never taken a Zumba class, but I have taken aerobics classes and of course, don’t let me loose on the dance floor at a wedding because my inner BeyoncĂ© will emerge. I am a dancer from way back. My mother had me take weekly tap and ballet lessons for a dime a piece at the Neighborhood House in Jamaica Plain. Sadly, neither the Rockettes nor the Boston Ballet ever called me for an audition.

Pre-recital (1969 or 1970)


My mother was a hairdresser by trade…she loved a good banana-curl on her girls.

Anyway, way back when I had the body and according to Maroon Five, “the moves like Jagger.” Unfortunately during Zumba class I feel a bit more like Elaine from the famous Seinfeld episode, but given that I have stepped on the scale and offically have lost six pounds since starting Zumba…this will be my new mantra….

zumba solos

I think I like it and I don’t care if this is my reality.


Keep dancing people!


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