Summer Whites…

….What’s your rule?

white teeth

Actually, I went to the beach over the three-day weekend, but I still wish my teeth were bright white.

For the last several weeks I have been busily wearing all of my whites because I grew up with the summer whites rules from New England…this would mean no white clothing such as skirts, pants, shorts, jackets or accessories; handbags or shoes, before Memorial Day or after Labor Day. However, in recent years I have heard other rules such as living south of the Mason Dixon means Easter to the last day of summer. I have also witnessed some in the younger generation wearin’ O’ the white no matter the season and I don’t mean winter white. Since I’ve seen this more and more and I am tempted to keep wearing white for at least two more weeks, I feel I need to check with others before creating a fashion malfunction (much different from a wardrobe malfunction)…So, in the name of curious journalism….What is your opinion?

by the sea white

You are welcome to assume this is me…seeking the needed information.

Have a beautiful Tuesday…whether wearing white or not.



  1. Mo at Mocadeaux says:

    First of all, if I looked as good as you do in that photo, I’d wear white every day! 😉
    When we lived in California, it was a bit of an adjustment getting accustomed to wearing white year ’round. I’m more of a Midwest black sweater and jeans kind of gal. As for the beach, I will quote my daughter who says that we Irish are “an indoor tribe”.

    • Beemie says:

      All of my Irish friends were and are big beach fans, although at times the sunburns had them swearin’ to the man upstairs that they were done with the sun. I never even considered the California dreamin’ crowd when it comes to white, so for the next two weeks I will be a California Girl.

  2. janey says:

    Being a gal from the deep south, I had never in my life heard of the “white rule”. Wha?????? not wear white after Labor Day??? Why not?? hahahahahhaha….my southern country bumpkin is coming out….
    We wear white all year long. Winter White to us simple means that you wear your white jeans or white jacket in January…not that it’s even really cold enough for jacket in January!!!

    • Beemie says:

      I have heard from several of my southern friends who can’t believe this is an issue…perhaps, I need to move further south so that I can wear bright white all year long.

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