…is futile.

back to reality

It is the first day of school. To tell the truth, it is a bit exciting. When my #2 was in the first grade he came home and asked me, what exactly I did all day while he was in school. Apparently, he never noticed the full pantry, refrigerator, clean laundry, spotless bathrooms, dust free furniture, dinner on the table….I could go on, but I think you get the picture. I also missed my boys when they were in school…again if I am truthful; I didn’t miss them enough to home school.

When I was growing up we always had a dog. Sometimes we had more than one pet at a time for bringing home strays was an art form. The strays never lasted long because sometimes life on the street was easier for them than life in a home with seven children. We did have one dog, Le Pew, from the time I was born. I loved her, so much so that I was devastated when she developed diabetes and my parents could not afford the treatment to keep her alive nor could they handle the twice daily monitoring of her condition. I remember begging that I could monitor her blood sugar rather than to euthanize her. I was eleven at the time. My mother’s response to my plea was…”You are in school all day!”  Le Pew met her maker.

Me, Le Pew and Pumpkin (One of the stray cats that lasted long enough to be spayed. Although we were a Catholic family, the fertility rules did not apply to pets. Le Pew was also spayed.)


Hmm…the unfortunate haircut you may be questioning…two severe bouts of head lice within a short time frame and my mother chopped it off. I was about six in this photo.

I never considered how my beloved, Le Pew felt about me being in school all day. I remember her barking happily when I came home from school. It seemed my leg became magnetic as she walked right along beside me. The other day I came across this video which demonstrates just how much dogs are impacted by school.


Hope you are feeling the love!

Happy Monday!

Day 1, 179 to go!



  1. janey says:

    Oh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO… this what my sophiejane does when I go off for the day??? Ok…that’s it…she’s just gonna start going with me. Note to self: get backpack for sophie to ride in!!!!
    back to school……..did the kids show up??!!!
    hahahahahaha……that means you really gotta do work!!

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