Friday: Food…

…for Thought

My garden has been quite fruitful this summer. We have eaten beans, squash and tomatoes with every meal.

Two photos…harvests just two days apart.

Tomatoes for Everyone





So now that I have boasted about my dietary habits of this past week; it is now time to get to the purpose of today’s post. I was perusing Pinterest for stellar Back to School ideas for the first week of school…(sniffle, sniffle, weep, weep). I go back on Monday for a week of professional development, classroom preparation, and anything else that needs to be produced before the students return. Unfortunately, the intentions of my search were sidetracked, rather the “isn’t that pretty”, “very interesting” or “how funny”  exploration took control.

So here are a few things are found….if I had a Pinterest board for this I’d call it Food & Beverage for Thought: Literally

I do all most of the cooking in the summer and Hubster does most all of the cooking during the school year…the quote below it true no matter who is cooking.

cook with wine

Yes, you did read my sniveling about going back to school…but truthfully, I am thankful to teach in a wonderful school with colleagues that often find me in awe of their work, a community of supportive families, and most appreciative of an administration who respect the faculty as professional. The health benefits and paycheck are decent perks as well.



Isn’t this one the truth….I estimate I will spend 40 plus hours without cake this school year.


I hated being relegated to the dish washing team when growing up…probably because I was the actual dishwasher.  However since going out into the world and eventually having my own home, I loathe waking up to a sink full of dishes. Yes, life is too short and I suppose the dishes will wait, but loading the dishwasher is so fulfilling especially since it leaves me without “dish pan hands”.



Hopefully, I have left you with something to think about to begin the weekend.

I am off to get a mani/pedi as a back to school treat.

Happy Friday!




  1. Marsha Cannon says:

    I can’t believe that it is already time for bts but today was the first day for many of our local schools. Your summer produce is so impressive! I am hoping for better luck with my fall crop now that I have some raised beds! Enjoy your weekend!

    • Beemie says:

      Our garden bed is slighty raised and as evidenced by photos. I believe the manure Hubster put in place in April was the real key to success. On antoher note I too cannot believe I am going back to school. 190 days of sheer bliss (sarcasm somewhat intended).

  2. Katie Clooney says:

    Thanks for the book reviews. I will pick up the one about Boston and the Judy Blume book. Good luck going back to school. Your students are darn lucky to have such a great lady as their teacher.s

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