Who’s Who Wednesday #3…

…the Matriarch and her King.

I do not have royal blood in my family tree although I have mentioned in many posts that I am not opposed to a crown being part of my wardrobe. Several of my siblings have mentioned over the years that I, as the baby of the family, was “given everything”.  Let me digress in the everything for a moment:

A) I was entrusted all Saturday cleaning tasks once there were fewer of them.

B) I was presented silver platter steel wool and a linen dish towel on more evenings once there were fewer of them.

C) I had a front row seat to “all the drama from our mama” when they went to the Cape with friends on summer weekends.

So yes, I did indeed “have it all”.

Today’s WHO’s WHO features a sister and a brother-in-law:


The Family Matriarch (FM)

She is the first-born child of my parents, much-loved and admired by all of her siblings, husband, children, grandchildren, outlaws/in-laws, friends and present & former patients. Present patients? I thought she retired from her pediatric practice…she did. Now she gets to say “no” to work when called to ask if she would like to work a day at a very prestigious health care establishment in the city of Boston. The name rhymes with Barvard or in Boston Brahmin “Bah-vuhd“. She does not boast, like me, but I am so proud of her for the example she sets in life and her encouragement over the years.IMG_0723

I call her the Family Matriarch for a three obvious reasons:

1) Our mother passed away six years ago making FM top female family member.

B) Prior to the name FM she was the Family Consigliere (FC)…we would ask her how she thought our mother would react to the many “mole hills and mountains” (M&M’s) we caused. The FC could predict Sweetheart’s (our mother) reactions to M&M’s with 99.9% accuracy.

III) While I may often wear the crown as princess and baby of the family, she often bears the brunt of our happily in the present and ever-afters.

There  are many posts featuring the FM, but I am going to choose just two...here  and here.

The Kitchen King (KK)

He married the FM when I was just six years old. He survived my mother, the rest of my siblings anIMG_1459d has been a wonderful partner in crime (figurativley…retired police and MA Bell) to my sister. A great dad to his children and Grampy to his grandchildren. He is called the KK because like his own Lithuanian parents, you do not enter the house without being offered a cornucopia of food choices from the kitchen. If you look up Swell in the dictionary, a photo and bio of him follow. Your dietary restrictions are not his concern, everything is better with butter, breadcrumbs and kielbasa.

KK mentored the Hubster when we first married, together they are writing a book on in-law survival techniques. He is mentioned in many posts, but will choose just these:…here, here, and here.




That’s a wrap for today…see you later in the week.



    • Beemie says:

      During the school year it is more problematic to get away for the weekend. We used to visit over winter break for Christmas, but my sons now have jobs which means I don’t want to leave them alone for the holiday so I have Christmas here. Last year my #2 was not able to make it home until January.

  1. Nana Diana says:

    You certainly did “have it all”…lol How wonderful that you have siblings to share all those memories with. Hope you have a great week! Just didn’t want you to think I had crawled off and died. lol xo Diana

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