Please pass the condiments….

I woke up in my own bed this morning and it actually felt good to be home. I have several posts planned for this week, but right now I am looking at a list of to do’s about a mile long.

First, I need to complete my MUST DO’s:


  • laundry
  • mail
  • weed gardens
  • vacuum six pounds of sand from the car
  • and so much more



Next, I have some MAY DO’s:


may do

  • get an early start on school work (just kidding)
  • pay some bills
  • clip coupons
  • and so much more




Finally I have high hopes that we can CATCH-UP:

catch up

  • Tales from the beach
  • Food that I do not regret eating (My hips may state just the opposite.)
  • Laughter I won’t forget
  • and so much more





See you tomorrow!



  1. Jennifer says:

    I understand the feeling of waking up in your own bed. Even though vacations are fun, it still feels good to be home! School work can wait for a little while ;).

    • Beemie says:

      Wait a minute you said school work can wait for a “little while”…I haven’t checked my lottery tickets yet…I may not have to complete school work ever again.

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