Party Games…

…for a crowd.

I have been known to enjoy a little competitive party game, board game or beach game. In July, we attended an Orioles game sponsored by the University of Delaware Alumni Association. Peggy Anne came down from Delaware to spend the weekend in “THE ROOM”* and then her recently graduated nephew and a friend joined us at our home before we headed to the game. The mere fact that two, twenty-two year old, young men wanted to hang with us made us feel rather like we were sitting at the cool table in school.

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It was an absolutely gorgeous night even though the Orioles lost. I actually made the Jumbotron…I have witnesses, but no photos. I did not photograph the young men as they have to be careful with their social media presence since they are new to the work force. Also forgive the blurry photos.

We enjoyed some pre-game food and competition before we walked to the light rail station and rode the light rail down to the city. Hubster set up the cornhole game in our backyard. Son-ster #1 built the game and even sewed the bean bags several years ago. #1 left it at our house because his fancy house in the city of Baltimore does not have room to store such items on a long-term basis. What this means is that anytime he wants to use the game he has to come visit his dear old hip parents.

Here I am demonstrating my skills at bean bag toss. It is all in the wrist.


It appears I need to update my cornhole wardrobe as Peggy Anne was sporting a skort.

Our 30 year college reunion is coming up in September, I came across a hilarious party game played at a 30 year class reunion in Canada. I plan on informing the reunion committee of this possible participatory game. Please remember I attended a Catholic women’s college where the acronym spelled: C.O.N.D.O.M…College of Notre Dame of Maryland…the name of the college has since changed, but you can’t help but chuckle when you consider the irony.

Take a minute to watch the game…it is actually good clean fun, although it would be most appropriate if only adults participated.

Happy Monday all!



* “THE ROOM”: place where guests stay when they come to visit.


  1. janey says:

    Oh My Gawd!!!!! falling off my chair laughing!!! and since my daughter in law is having her college girlfriend re-union here at our lakehouse this weekend……guess what will now be on the agenda???? They will love it.
    But….caution about doing it at your next re-union. Remember what happens when women our age laugh that hard for that long!!!!! Better get a door prize of Depends!!!

    • Beemie says:

      Hysterical…I was at the beach the last two weeks with my college roommate…I can’t tell you how many times I had to stop and use the restroom mid-laugh.

    • Beemie says:

      You too can be part of the “framily”…I do hope it works out next time I visit. Back to school in less than two weeks, trying not to think about it.

  2. Mo at Mocadeaux says:

    I am crying with laughter here. I love the effort that the losing team put into popping that last balloon. Never say die! PS Peggy Anne also seems to be enjoying a beer which we all know improves one’s corn hole game immensely!

    • Beemie says:

      It does improve cornhole, especially if you’re own the opposing team. I say A for effort for the losing team…they received the most laughs.

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