Who’s Who Wednesday #1

…among A Milkman’s Daughter

The past year in the blog world has found me featuring my family, friends and acquaintances of present and past. I have tried to keep most of those who make an appearance somewhat incognito by using a false name for each. Those featured have really enjoyed the name I choose for them. At times, it is hard for me (and some readers) to keep track of the cast of characters I have created. Beginning today and for the next few Wednesdays I am going to add some background to those I have featured on a page of WHO’s Who.

For the record, I gave some thought to publishing a book like this prototype:


Publishing houses have quoted a price for this item. I have come to understand that my bulk purchase in the tens would not be cost-effective.

I will start today with three of my closest subjects: Hubster and Son-sters #1 & #2


We have been married for 29 years. He is a great Dad to our two sons. He makes excellent coffee, cooks dinner during the school year, removes pests (snakes, mice, chipmunks and so far only one dead fox under our deck), is always prepared (he was is an Eagle Scout),…  and most importantly, my best friend.

my prince


Son-sters #1 & #2

They are not twins, but I lump them together right now because they are living their lives as grown and flown young men.  #1 lives in the city of Baltimore and #2 lives in Pittsburgh. Hubster and I enjoy them when tcorinne124hey come home for visits, call to chat, or when they need our money advice. We know they are living in the “friends are your family” stage of life. This does not mean that they put friends first, but that they are enjoying the independence we have prepared them to have as adults. I try (not) to invade too much of their privacy,… but come home or spend time with us; it is on the record. (One brother overheard saying to the other, “She wrote about what?” or “Wait, we can ask for money?”)



I know it is riveting expository and probably nothing you didn’t already know. Should you need to refer to them in the future just click over to my Who’s Who page.

Happy Wednesday!



  1. janey says:

    very cool family! but what’s funny? I feel like I know all of ’em!!! You know how our imaginations take us on a ride when we read…and it seems what I imagined is pretty spot on! Still know, tho, that you’ll always be Beemie to me!!!
    Going to make myself post today on Big Sky Country…..just that I have one million pics to edit and I haven’t had time.
    Today!!!! (that was said in my teacher’s voice!)

    • Beemie says:

      Oh the life of a prominent big time blogger… I can relate…I too have a million photos to edit. Can’t wait to check out your photos. By the way I know that teacher voice.

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