To err is human….

Last night while enjoying an ice cream cone  on the boardwalk…the Hubtser called, so naturally knowing he was back in the real world earning a living to keep me in the lifestyle I am accustomed to living, I answered my phone.

This is what he said:

“Hey I am looking at your blog …many of the photos are no longer visible.”

This is what I heard:

“Hey my child bride and reason for being…I am looking at your outstanding blog and missing you. Many of the photos you spent hours of time locating, downloading, saving, and editing have vanished.”

My response:


I did not speak …but the image below is how I felt.

rookie move


If you are unable to read between the tears, this is what complete devastation as a newborn blogger while holding a melting ice cream cone and walking along the boardwalk looks like.

After I  dried my tears returned to my college roommate’s condo to recover and washed the ice cream off my sun-tanned legs, I logged back in and spent hours and hours (1 hour) updating the media files I thought I had updated the day before, but accidentally deleted instead. They don’t call me tech shabby savvy for nothing.


Photos back in place …enjoy today’s post below. It was written well before my fall from blog grace. If yesterday was the first time you visited then please feel free to re-read the last five posts …it is so much better (in living color) the second time around. Ugh!


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