Guests, Fish…

…and too many Forced Family Fun posts!

After three days, it all starts to stink!

My family can’t seem to get enough of reading about our holiday high jinks, so please bear with me for one last post about us (for now).

It is true what they say about house guests and fish….if house guests bring fish (especially the kind in shells) you will be invited back!

Hubster and I sealed that deal last year when we brought “lobstah”, so we knew we had an invite this year. The Kitchen King (KK) and the Family Matriarch (FM) are never too proud to accept gifts of fish.

L-R: Kitchen King, Hubster, Beemie, Family Matriarch and Tail Man (the lobster tails were this in-law's specialty)

See what I mean…2014

Now you know the real reason they call me the “Greatest” Auntie. Sadly, no “lobstah” this year. I did bring Maryland crabmeat and we did enjoy a nice hot crab dip one evening. Not sure if that is enough to guarantee next year’s reservation, but I did load and unload the dishwasher several times so when they can’t find something I put away they will have to call me.

This is how I think that call will go: “Hi Greatest…it’s the KK, I can’t find my meat grinder and I am unable to make my homemade world-famous kielbasa for the FM…I think you put it away.” …         I pause, “Gee, the meat grinder?…I do remember taking it out of the dishwasher. Have you looked everywhere, even the garage?”….His response, “Yes everywhere.”    ….This is where I reel him in…“This has left you in an awful state of affairs…I know how the FM gets when the smell of kielbasa is permeating through the house. Gosh, she just adores that smell. Now look KK, it is an incredible inconvenience for me, but if you can have my oceanfront room ready I think I can be there in 7 1/2 hours unless you want to fly me in, then tops two hours.” …The KK is very fond of his homemade world-famous kielbasa so this is a no brainer on my part.


Will have to check my bag…apparently meat grinders in the flight cabin are against TSA regulations.

Back to the post:

I took lots of photos this year because quite frankly the entire family is well aware that all family gatherings are on the record for A Milkman’s Daughter; journalistic integrity and lack of DSLR camera aside.

This post is dedicated the six-day Birthday/July 4th/Engagement Family Palooza… also it seems that young Scarlett*, one of my great-nieces, noticed the lack of her photo in the last post about the sandcastle challenge so in quick form I will remedy that faux pas.

My blog has become quite popular in my family and to be featured is a big deal, after all we are talking about tens of people seeing your photo and complimenting your latest look.

So without further ado and prior to celebrating everyone else…here is Scarlett.

Dear Scarlett,

Your social life at the beach (frolicking among friends, running over rocks, and organizing ocean activities) made it a bit difficult to keep you in focus long enough to take a photo. Sometimes drastic measures had to be taken just to keep you in one place for more than 5 minutes. Thanks for smiling, building our rock flag, and especially thanks for playing with us.

Love,  The “Greatest” 


Don’t worry, I did take more photos…within reason, I can do whatever I want in the blog world.

There are so many topics to cover; therefore I have given each a title.


During low tide you can walk out to the big rock with the flag…however beware the tide will turn. The outdoor shower is one of the most popular locales for removing sand where the sun doesn’t shine. There is usually a line for the outdoor shower. I suggested we get one of those “Take a Number” things like they have at the deli counter.

Image (1)

Gosh, did I really have to come home? Hubster says, “Yes, you are my child bride and reason for being. Who will drink the coffee I make each morning?” …He has a point, but you know I thought about it twice before stomping getting into the car for the long road back to Maryland.

Decked out in RED, WHITE, BLUE and written word.

I was the exterior bunting coordinator this year, apparently that is an honor, then I remembered… guests are always put to work…Did I mention a lot of sand comes in the front door?…The vacuum works wonders…I was “volun-told” to use it several times.

Hemingway had the Florida Keys; I had the South Shore.

Image (2)

I wrote several blog posts sitting in that lounge chair. Notice the Black-Eyed Susan on either side of the steps; they miss not having Hubster and me around so much that they planted our state flower.  A few of the neighbors out on morning walks or jogs shouted to me, “Looking good!”…I think they were talking about the house, but I thanked them anyway.

Nature’s Beauty 

I spy, the beauty of flowers and this adventurous guy.

Image (3)

The association takes care of this little park leading to a parking area. The FM and KK are the landscapers for their own front yard. My great-nephew, Brendan* dons the snorkeling gear to bring home a fresh catch…ugh no “lobstah”.

Day Care

My niece and nephews have kept the family tree blooming. The grandchildren often ask for double S’s when at the beach; snacks and a sleepover. The KK and FM usually oblige.

Image (7) sharpened

Clockwise top left: 1) Mason* blowing bubbles with the FM, his grandmother, 2) My nephew, Martin* escorts the kids, two of them his own, for a brisk walk along the cliffs, no wonder these kids are fearless, Martin is teaching them all of his tricks, 3) Link* and Scarlett enjoy some of the sea-life intended for decoration in the home, 4) Jake* makes a another attempt at getting me to play Monopoly…I learned my lesson last year; he is a ruthless landlord.


The KK has the illusion of enjoys being in charge in the kitchen. Don’t tell the FM, because she often thinks she is the boss. We let them hash it out, as long as the food keeps coming.

Some of the items featured on the menu:

Homemade Pizza, appetizers (too many to mention), salads (more than just lettuce), beef, seafood, fruit, and desserts which still feature prominently on my hips. For some reason there was no homemade world-famous kielbasa this year. (Wink, wink.)

Image (4)

Clockwise from top left: 1) KK and his famous pizza, 2) KK felt confident I could slice tomatoes without ruining his reputation, 3) the look on the FM’s face demonstrates authority among the kitchen staff (us), 4) Front L-R: Scarlett and Joshua* eagerly await the tasty treats, Back L-R: An actual chef, my nephew Adamo*, Patience* (mother of Joshua, Scarlett, and Jake), Hubster, and KK

Sometimes there are too many cooks in the kitchen and one must go to the great outdoors to create works of  deliciousness.  Martin didn’t mind and neither did we. The grilling of clams requires attention to detail, therefore my brother, #1 Son supervises.


The clams disappeared quickly once brought back inside the house.

Party Time

As I mentioned several events were being celebrated: a birthday, a 239 year old break-up letter from Second Continental Congress to King George III and an engagement party.

Image (5)

Top L-R: Leslie* (my nephew Martin’s wife) just turned another year older…she still looks 25 and even after two kids, Stars and Stripes Stars…I made the pillows with the single star a few years back…FM saw some similar Ralph Lauren pillows, sent me a photo and I sewed, of course I had to deliver the pillows in person. My only request is an oceanfront room…Lower: An engagement party was held on the 5th for my niece, Cee* and her fiance, Brad*.

Congratulations to the happy couple. If you are thinking about a destination wedding, look no further than the front yard…I hear the rates is quite reasonable.

Entertainment & Service Staff

 The grandchildren were employed to entertain and serve. No pay was involved: if you’re lucky enough to be at the beach, you’re lucky enough.


Clockwise Left Top: 1) Joshua plays Sweet Caroline, he thought of changing the words to Greatest Auntie, but it didn’t roll right off the tongue, “No worries, Josh we’ll find another song and make it our own.” 2) Brendan, Scarlett, Joshua, and Jake negotiating the division of tips, 3) Scarlett offering some shrimp to her future Uncle (best to start the bribery early), 4) Jake distributes napkins even though he thought people could just lick their fingers like him.

Good Times with Family

I know my family is going to find this hard to believe, but there were a few of you (about 16 or 17) that I missed while taking the photos. (I did have to eat and sleep; because we are family I know they will forgive me.)

Image (8)

Clockwise: 1) Siblings, my niece, Cee & my nephew, Jay 2) The Original Outlaws: Hubster, Sweet SIL, & KK…there used to be a few more Outlaws, but if you follow my blog you know we are an intimidating impressive bunch 3) Late Night Cribbage with father and sons, L-R: Adamo, Jay, Martin & KK…rumor has it Dad won.

It is not the house that I love(although the location makes it pretty easy on the  eyes), rather it is the people, who bring love to the time spent together. We laugh, we cry, we game, we cook & clean, we swim, we dig, we smile, we shop, we do loud really well, we hug, we recycle, we time out, we sing, we wake up really early, we do please, thank you & sorry, and we do family, the best we know how.


Enjoy your Monday!


*names continue to be changed and hopefully never used in a court of law



  1. Katie Clooney says:

    Hello Beemie… 3 things I will take away from this post. If I had a comfy chaise on a porch of a darling house on the beach, you would have to turn me so I wouldn’t get bed sores. I would NEVER get up. Point 2 – you guys know how to eat. Lastly, you guys really know how to have a great time with each other!! So sorry I missed seeing you this summer.

    • Beemie says:

      Was sad to miss you also, as you definitely would have made a post. As far as the bed sores, three medical professionals in the family, they would have taken care of you.

    • Beemie says:

      We love the beach and yes, throne was an excellent name for the chaise. I had a little twitch everytime someone other than me sat in it; heavy is the head that wears the crown.

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