Ticker Tape…

…not necessary.

So it seems I debuted my little blog one year ago today. In honor of the anniversary, Hubster has popped a bottle of champagne in order to toast in celebration. While I sip in delight of my loyal readers, that’s right a whole 41 of you are quite loyal…a nice prime number and most of you aren’t even related to me.

Not us; we would never waste this much champagne.


This is us; try to imagine we are holding champagne flutes.


On the beach in Massachusetts with my family…Hubster is my biggest fan.

Let’s start with what is not in-store for the coming year in my blogosphere:

1.) As far as I can tell there will be no remodeled kitchen…in case you haven’t noticed I often dwell in the past, because it is cheaper there…so the kitchen will remain a fixture within its 1960’s bones. We have yet to replace the refrigerator (mentioned in this post…if I do say so myself;…it was a pretty good post), it is still hovering in a holding pattern above the kitchen.

bewitched kitchen

As long as Hubster continues to make the coffee every morning and cook during the school year; I can live with this reality.

2.) There will also be no extreme makeovers of my body…I am still not sure how it is that this girl and I are the same size. I continue to perseverate about this doppelgänger and it seems as long as I avoid the brownie baking and all other food groups; except water, I will try to accept the body that God has given me. I tried to pray to Saint Anthony (saint of lost causes) to help me find the lost body of my youth, but the reply to this prayer seems to be; Learn to love handles, muffin tops, hips and thighs or get on the bicycle. He is one tough-love saint.


swimsuit bi

The swimsuit model has the purple mountains majesties behind her and I have one of the shining seas behind me (in the hat). She still seems smaller. Whatever, youth is helpful when it comes to photography.



3.) You will not find me writing about riding in any luxury vehicles…I am quite happy with my 2013 Nissan Rogue…code name: Rosie.

luxury car

She sustained only minor dings in the recent hail storm and a real beauty…I whisper sweet Pat Benatar lyrics to her every day…”You are one tough-cookie, we will have a long history.” Not exactly Pat’s lyrics, but Rosie gets the sentiment.

Slight disclaimer….I may once again write about the luxury bus that takes me on a field trip to Mount Vernon and the occasional Uber XL I may ride to a ball game.



Living Large

4.) There will be no interviews with our maid, gardener, driver, or laundress because suspiciously and for some reason still unknown to me, I, Hubster we still hold all those jobs.


As drivers we are much less scary than the taxi driver…our criminal activity will be limited to staying 16 minutes in a 15 minute parking zone.

Writing has been quite cathartic for me …it has allowed me to honor my family history and laugh at with all of my family and friends who have  permitted me to creatively literate our shared experiences. (Please remember I make no money, thus the checks are still not in the mail.) It has been a needed brain break from my professional life as a teacher and it has provided me a place to meet others on the world-wide web. I especially need to thank, Katie Clooney from the Preppy Empty Nester as she was the much-needed kick in the pants (the bruise on my derrière has finally healed) to start blogging.

Last summer when I was writing my About page, I wrote that I hoped to post two to three times per week and I am proud to say that with the exception of the first quarter report card week, I was able to meet that goal. It is my hope to keep up with that pace.

I have appreciated all the comments, whether here on AMD (A Milkman’s Daughter) or privately about posts. Probably some of the most fun has been creating new names for friends and family. When I mention to those I am with that the event is “blog-worthy” everyone always asks, “What is my blog name going to be?”

If you have taken the time to read this post or any one of my posts this past year accept this heart-felt:

Also in the coming days, check out my new WHO’s WHO page…I write about so many of my family members and friends, it is tough to keep track of all of them and their false identities.




  1. Marsha Cannon says:

    Happy Anniversary and Congratulations to you! I love reading your blog and following along with you and your family. My kitchen will also remain in the past during the coming year – boohoo. A for the hired help you should see my hands after I taped and stained that entire basketball court in my backyard. Have a great weekend!

    • Beemie says:

      Aha! The jig is up, it was a basketball court. I was a former basketball player; high school and brief stint in college. Thanks for the good wishes…Hubseter says if you lived closer he would make coffee for you also.

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